Brady Focused on Bengals, Not Contract

Ian Logue
September 08, 2010 at 10:35am ET

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With contract talks reportedly "gaining momentum" toward a new deal for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, it appears that to this point he's not letting it have an effect on his preparations for the Bengals this weekend.

Brady "doesn't want to get into" his contract negotiations and is focusing on Sunday's game against the Bengals this weekend. (PHOTO: Icon/SMI)
In his weekly radio appearance on WEEI this morning, Brady "didn't want to get into it" and is simply focused on getting the team off to a 1-0 start after Sunday's game.

"I don't want to get into it," Brady said during the interview. "For me, it's the same as it's been. I'm trying to find a way to score some touchdowns against the Bengals. I didn't spend five minutes yesterday thinking about my contract or future."

"The reality is I have a job to do and my job isn't revolved around worrying about what my future is right now," he said. "My job is to be the best leader for this team that I can be, and really to get ready to play the Bengals, and play really well. Because of that, I think it's pretty selfish if I sit here and that's all I'm worried about -- myself."

The latest news on Brady's contract is that the focus of the contract is now for four years, with the total of the terms reaching close to $80-million.  Negotiations are reportedly continuing, but obviously his agent, Don Yee, is handling his business interests while Brady is taking care of his main business on the field.  Brady also emphasized that he's not comfortable discussing the subject, "because I know how coach [Bill] Belichick feels talking about it, and [owner Robert] Kraft does, and Jonathan [Kraft] does."

The New England signal caller has a solid record against the Bengals, throwing seven total touchdowns in their three meetings - all of them victories.  In their last meeting Brady and company throttled Cincinnati 34-13 in a Monday Night game at Paul Brown Stadium back in 2007.  In that game Brady finished 25-of-32 for 231 yards, three touchdowns, and finished the game with a QB rating 115.0.  Obviously he's hoping for the same result this weekend.

Brady also aired his thoughts on Randy Moss' recent comments where he felt "not wanted" after claiming that despite heading into the final year of his contract, the team had yet to approach him with a new deal.  The veteran QB knows what Moss brings to the table, but also said that Moss knows the business and doesn't think it will affect his play on the field.

"Randy is my lockermate," said Brady. "He's one of my great friends on the team, he and I have a lot of conversations that are certainly very personal to the two of us.  This is his third team that's he's been on.  He knows what the business is.  He also knows what he can bring to the team. He's a great player. We're better for having Randy Moss on the team."

At the end of the day Brady emphasized that the most important thing for he and his teammates was to make sure they were ready to go for this weekend.

"It's an ordinary Wednesday," he said. "We're getting ready for the Bengals."