Patriots at Giants PreGame Sights & Notes

Ian Logue
September 02, 2010 at 06:19pm ET

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Twitter is buzzing as usual heading into tonight's game, and here are some early reports about the Patriots, who are going through preliminary warmups down on the field.

  • Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald snapped a couple of photos from outside the new Meadowlands, with those two images available here, and also here.

  • Rapoport has also been checking out the stadium, and reports that Giants honor ex-DC Bill Belichick by displaying his sweater from 1990 Super Bowl season (PHOTO: CLICK HERE), as well as Pepper Johnson's old helmet (PHOTO: CLICK HERE)

  • Tom Curran reports that Tom Brady worked out hard on the turf earlier this evening.  Curran says that the heat index has to be over 100 on field, with Brady and teammate Stephen Neal seen running sprints during warmups.

  • Shalise Manza Young also has a great shot of the field from the Boston Globe press box. (PHOTO:

  • Albert Breer reports that Brady has taken the field in uniform ... Breer points out that shoud he play, it will be first time since 2003 he'd be out there for season finale.

  • Mike Reiss of reports that Brandon Meriweather, who despite leaving last week's game against the Rams with an injury, was seen on the field during warmups.

It's a little quieter tonight as it appears that fewer writers have made this trip, so we'll have more as it becomes available.