Twitter is buzzing as usual heading into tonight’s game, and here are some early reports about the Patriots, who are going through preliminary warmups down on the field.

  • Ian Rapoport of the Boston¬†Herald snapped a couple of photos from outside the new Meadowlands, with those two images available here, and¬†also here.
  • Rapoport has also¬†been checking out the stadium, and reports that Giants honor ex-DC Bill Belichick by displaying his sweater from 1990 Super Bowl season (PHOTO: CLICK HERE), as well as Pepper Johnson’s old helmet (PHOTO: CLICK HERE)
  • Tom Curran reports that Tom Brady worked out hard on the turf earlier this evening.¬† Curran says that the heat index has to be over 100 on field, with Brady and teammate Stephen¬†Neal seen running¬†sprints during warmups.
  • Shalise Manza Young also has a great shot of the field¬†from the Boston Globe press box. (PHOTO:
  • Albert Breer reports that Brady¬†has taken the field in uniform … Breer points out that shoud¬†he play, it will be first time since 2003 he’d be out there for season finale.
  • Mike Reiss of reports that Brandon Meriweather,¬†who despite leaving last week’s game against the Rams with an injury, was seen on the field during warmups.

It’s a little quieter tonight as it appears that fewer writers have made this trip, so we’ll have more as it becomes available.