REACTION: Patriots vs. Saints Game Diary QTR 4

Ian Logue
August 13, 2010 at 03:54am ET

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1st & 10: Taylor takes it up the left side for a gain of 6 yards.

2nd & 4: Taylor again, this time to the left but only gains 5 after New Orleans appeared to bel looking for it. Patriots seem intent on trying to grind the clock down.

3rd & 1: Ted Larson gets completely bowled over at right guard, and Robinson pays the price, getting drilled and sacked. Patriots are forced to punt.

4th & 1: Mesko comes out and booms a 52 yard punt down to the Saints 12. I have a feeling that Zoltan will come in handy over the final 12 minutes of this game.

New Orleans: 1st & 10: Ramsay completes a pass left for about 9 yards, but gets hit by what looked to be Eric Alexander just as he got rid of it.

2nd & 2: Saints take it up the middle, and they get the first down. Deaderick seemed to get pushed back but stayed in and was in on the tackle, as was Tyrone McKenzie. Not much you can do when you're trying to protect just two yard.

1st & 10: Ramsay takes a shot down the field against Wilhite, but he gets a hand in to knock the ball away for an incompletion.

2nd & 10: Ramsay didn't like what he saw so he called a timeout. I'm really glad he did - preseason games can never go on long enough. The longer the better.

2nd & 10: The Saints run the ball, and I'd love to comment further, but Jim Koch (founder and Brewer of Sam Adams) is on talking about the young age he started drinking, and all the different types of beer they make. Check the end of this entry for the quote.

3rd & 7: Another run but I can't see the play. I'm also still laughing about his quote. Again - check the end of this entry to read it. Not the best moment of television for a guy who invented one of the more successful brands of beer.

4th & 4: Saints punt. Taylor Price catches it and returns the punt, but gets cut down after a 13-yard return.

Patriots 1st & 10: Patriots run the ball with Taylor picking up 6 yards on the play.

2nd & 4: Jenkins called for a false start, which is always a great thing to get called for in the fourth quarter.

2nd & 9: Robinson tries to hit Price on a deep out pattern, but the defender had position and was there to make a play. It could have been picked off.

3rd & 9: Robinson faced pressure after LeVoir got spun around and they broke through inside the left tackle, and the pass attempt to Taylor fell incomplete.

4th & 9: Mesko back in for another exciting punt, booming this one 44 yards down to the 30. Beavers muffed the catch and nearly lost it, but Wheatley couldn't quite take it away from him.

Saints 1st & 10 (9:17 to go): Saints now have their third stringer in, with Chase Daniel in the game now for New Orleans. Completes his first pass for 13 yards, with the receiver being brought down by Wheatley.

1st & 10: Daniel pressured, and hit as he threw with the ball getting batted down before his receiver had a chance to catch it. Pressure came from up the middle - although it was tough to see on TV who was in on that play.

2nd & 10: New Orleans runs up the middle, right past Kade Weston. They pick up about 9 yards.

3rd & 1: Daniel completes a pass, with Sergio Brown coming up to make the tackle. Daniel rolled out for the quick dump off his receiver, and it was a good open field tackle by Brown.

1st & 10: Good throw by Daniel as the Patriots were collapsing his pocket, with Kyle Love coming in hard on him. Arrington put a big hit on the receiver, and McKenzie was out in coverage to help finish the tackle.

1st & 10: Another pass from Daniel, withDeaderick coming in hard with his hands up to try and bat it down. He gets the pass of anyway, and pick up about 3 yards on the completion.

2nd & 7: Saints run the ball up the middle, with Deaderick making the tackle - albeit not until after a gain of about 10 yards.

1st & 10: Another quick pass, this time for about 7 yards as the Saints are now closing in on another score as that completion has them at the 5-yard line. Once again it's Brown on the tackle.

2nd & 3: Daniel completes a pass down to about the 2-yard line, which now gives the Saints a new set of downs. He also calls a timeout - which is again, always welcomed if we can make these exhibition games last as long as possible.

1st & Goal: Daniel throws a quick slant, and both Wheatley and Fletcher put a big hit on the receiver to cause the incompletion.

2nd & Goal: New Orleans tries to pound it in, and it's a fumble, recovered by the Saints. I was about to get really excited.

3rd & Goal: Daniel tries to roll out and get in on a keeper, but Wheatley reads it perfectly, and comes up to make the tackle.

4th & Goal: The Saints accomplish every fans dream, and they kick a field goal which could potentially force overtime. That's the only thing better than using as many timeouts as possible in exhibition games - which has me even more excited. Sleep is overrated.

The Patriots return the ball out to the 25 thanks to a 14-yard return by Jenkins.

1st & 10: Robinson tries to throw, but gets brought down after Welch can't keep up with his guy and he comes inside to make the hit as Robinson was releasing the ball.

2nd & 10: Thomas Clayton takes off for a 12-yard pickup, taking New England down to the 37 yard line, and closer to Gostkowski's potential field goal range.

1st & 10: They run him again, but no such luck this time - he loses a yard. Now we're down to the 2-minute warning.


2nd & 11: Pass from Robinson to Rod Owens goes incomplete after it's knocked away just after he released it.

3rd & 11: Robinson completes a quick pass to Jenkins, who breaks it up the outside all the way down to the Saints 12 yard line, which ends up being a 52-yard play.

1st & 10 at the Saints 12: Robinson comes down and spikes the ball to stop the clock.

The young guys all gather around Belichick, who obviously is discussing whatever the final plan of attack will be in these closing minutes. One would think they'll probably try and run it here, and hopefully avoid a turnover.

2nd & 10: I guessed correctly, Clayton got the carry, although he gained just one yard. No real chance for more there.

3rd & 9: They run it again, and Clayton gets no where. Looks like it's up to Gostkowski.

4th & 8: Gostkowski boots it through to give them a 27-24 lead. He is now officially my hero.

Gostkowksi boots it just inside their endzone, and it's returned out to their 26 yard line. Let's hope the defense can hold this one so we can call it a night.

Saints 1st & 10: Daniel drops back to throw, but Alexander makes the interception after the receiver is drilled by Brown and the ball falls into his hands. Great play, and great finish on the night.

New England kneels down and it's all over - they win 27-24.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: Steve Burton asked Jim Koch - founder of Sam Adams - at what age he came up with this idea. Not the best of responses: "I started drinking at a very early age because my dad was a brewmaster." - I'm sure his dad is proud to have his son admit that on television.