When asked about recently released Bills linebacker Aaron Schobel, Patriots Director of Player Personnel said on Thursday that the team would do their “due dillegence” with him as they would any released player.

The good news is that it appers like they may be getting a bit closer to bringing him here, with Mike Giardi of NECN reporting that the team has a ‘strong interest’ in him, citing a source.

‚ÄúI think this time of the year any player that gets released we kind of go through or our normal¬†process¬†as far as evaluating the player, figuring out exaclty¬†what his skills are and how that would fit,” said Caserio¬†when asked about Schobel on¬†Thursday.¬† “So he‚Äôs no different than any other player that gets released this time of¬† the year.¬†¬†We‚Äôll do our due dilligence here moving forward, and then we‚Äôll see how it all comes together at some point.‚ÄĚ

It’s no secret that guys who have been a problem for the Patriots have been players that head coach Bill Belichick likes to recruit (ie: Wes Welker, Sammy Morris, etc.) – but this one may be a little tougher. ¬†Schobel wanted out of Buffalo because he was tired of losing, and wants a chance to play for a competitive football team – but it appears it may come at a significant cost.

Giardi points out that this situation is different than what transpired when Junior¬†Seau decided to skip¬†retirement and come to New England.¬† For Seau it wasn’t about the money –¬†it was about having an opportunity¬†to finally win a championship.¬†¬†Giardi¬†implied that while Schobel wants to win, he also ‘wants big $’ – which means it may be a bit tougher to lure him¬†here.

Shchobel would definitely be a nice addition to a team that is still in search of a pass rusher.¬† He’s had his success getting to Brady – sacking him¬†more times than any other player, including an interception return for a touchdown against him last season.¬†

Reports earlier this week said that the chances of¬†him landing here were ‘unlikely’.¬† However, Belichick has been known to be a pretty pursuasive guy with veteran players over the years.¬† We’ll have to wait and¬†see if he’s pursuasive enough to convince Schobel to come play for him here in New England.