Notes From Caserio's Press Conference

Ian Logue
August 05, 2010 at 10:04am ET

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Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio met with the media this morning, and here are some highlights from his press conference.

1) Caserio talked about practicing in the elements, as the forecast called for rain.  Since the team will face many different elements here in New England Caserio said it would be good for them.

2) He also said no movement on the roster since yesterday.

3) Caserio laughed about almost hitting owner Robert Kraft during a portion of practice where he and several players were working on their throwing accuracy by tossing long bombs into steel barrels 50-yards away. 

"I'll try and make sure that I stay away from throwing any footballs in Mr. Kraft's direction this morning," laughed Caserio.  "At least he came over there and shook my hand, so we were able to have a good laugh over it.  I guess my arm is a little stronger than I thought it was."

4) When asked about Ron Brace's status, Caserio revealed that Brace hasn't passed physical yet.

"He hasn't passed his physical as of yet, so when he's healthy, when he's ready, then he'll be back out there."

5) Caserio talked about whether or not the team had an interest in the recently released Aaron Schobel from the Buffalo Bills.

"I think this time of the year any player that gets released we kind of go through or our normal process as far as evaluating the player, figuring out exaclty what his skills are and how that would fit.  So he's no different than any other player that gets released this time of  the year.  We'll do our due dilligence here moving forward, and then we'll see how it all comes together at some point."

6) Said they've worked out over two dozen players since early June, and talked about the process of how they work out players to determine what their skill sets are.

7) He talked a little about the schedule with the Saints next week and if the workout structures would be any different.

"I would say there will be some similarities in terms of the drills, some of the teamwork, and some of the situations," said Caserio.  "I think coach [Sean] Peyton and Bill [Belichick] will kind of determine how that works.  The biggest difference is you're just working against different personnel and different players, which will probably be a little bit refreshing for our players.  Just to kind of be able to hit somebody else and just to be able to work against the calibur of a team like the Saints, I think will be good for us so we'll kind of get a barometer of where we are both individually and then collectively as a club when the Saints come in to town."

8) Talked about Taylor Price working hard since coming in after not being able to work out earlier this spring due to a college rule that prevented him from being here.  Said he's working at a "good pace" so far through camp.

9) He said some things about the tight ends, who Caserio said collectively "compliment eachother" as far as their skill sets are concerned.

10) When asked if Aaron Hernandez comfort level in the passing game had to do with playing in Florida, Caserio said he's got great athleticism - and that's more of a reason than where he played.   

"Aaron's an athletic guy, he's fast, he's got good quickness, he's got good vertical speed, he gets into the defense quickly, he catches the ball well.  So I wouldn't say it's necessarily a matter of schematics, I think it's just a matter of the particular player's skills and then what he's shown on the field over some of the things that we saw from him as a player out of Florida."

11) He also compared Darius Butler to first round pick Devin McCourty:

"Darius is very athletic he's good quickness, he's got good playing speed, he plays the ball well.  Devin's a little bit bigger, a little stronger, I'd say their vertical speed is comparable."

"He's a player that we had liked, that we had spent time with before the draft.  We went down to Connecticut spent some time with him and worked him out.  However it worked itself out, we're happy that he's here, and we're glad to have him on the club.