More Notes on McCourty's Signing

Ian Logue
July 28, 2010 at 10:05am ET

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With Patriots first round pick Devin McCourty agreeing to terms on a 5-year deal on Wednesday, all of New England's draft picks are now under contract as the team gets set to open training camp at Gillette Thursday.

McCourty as we know joins Dez Bryant as only the second first round pick to reach a deal, with the Patriots and Cowboys now more or less setting the market for the remaining draft choices.  It's interesting to note that every other draft choice that New England signed was for four years, while McCourty's was for five - which was the same length as Bryant's and fairly normal for guys taken in where they were in the 1st round.

According to Reiss the deal has a maximum value of $13.2 million, citing a league source, with the guarantees and bonuses totalling  $7.825 million.  Bryant got a five-year deal worth $11.8 million and includes $8.3 million guaranteed with a $1.95 million signing bonus.  So while his total is lower, it appears he got more in guaranteed money.

One interesting point made by another fan on Twitter is the fact that with McCourty signing a 5-year deal, in the event we're fortunate that he becomes the type of player that Darrelle Revis is, one would have to hope that the money he's making in years four and five are enough to keep him happy.  Obviously that's a problem right now in New York, although one would have to believe that by then there may be big enough change in the new collective bargaining agreement where his salary will still be considered comensurate with the rest of the league.

For now it appears that things are looking good for the Patriots rookie, with his agent, Andy Simms, tweeting that he'll be at the team's practice facility today.