Belichick: Find Your Own Identity

Ian Logue
July 27, 2010 at 04:39pm ET

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Tom Curran had an interesting report this afternoon on Comcast Sports New England.  Curran reports that according to former Patriots receiver Troy Brown, Bill Belichick has been busy this offseason taking down reminders of who the Patriots recently were.

Brown told Curran that they're "gutting" the stadium with the plan of hoping these  new players come in and build new lasting memories.
"From what I understand, they're gutting out the whole place," Brown said this afternoon at Mohegan Sun Casino where he was speaking to a group at the Comcast Sportsnet football roundtable. "There's no pictures of Troy Brown, there's no pictures of Tedy Bruschi, no pictures of Rodney Harrison in the building. It's all wiped off. It's (saying), 'Get your own identity. Get a name for yourseflves and don't worry about what Troy Brown did or Rodney Harrison did for this football team.' ...That's gonna be the key to this year is, 'Can these guys get their own identity?' Forget about the past and how successful they were let's be successful in our own way."

In what may be the biggest transition year that we've seen in quite some time, leave it to Belichick to make a move like this.  As far as I'm concerned Thursday can't get here quick enough.