ESPN's Schefter and SI's King on WEEI Today

Ian Logue
July 26, 2010 at 02:36pm ET

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ESPN's Adam Schefter and SI's Peter King were both guests today on WEEI, and offered some great insight into both Tom Brady's contract situation, along with other Patriots news as the team is just days from starting public practices at Gillette Stadium.

Schefter appeared on Dennis & Callahan this morning, and Christopher Price of has a transcription of some of the highlights from the interview for anyone who missed it.

One of the highlights of the interview was based on his report last night where he felt Brady's deal may be wrapped up before the summer is over.  Schefter feels that as far as who will get a contract first between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, he said that he believes Brady's will get done first.
"My guess right now, on the basis of everything I’ve heard this week, would be Brady first, Manning second," said Schefter.  "Now, these things change and who knows, Jim Irsay could come in this morning and say, 'Hey, let’s just get this done this week, let’s get it done before camp,' and all of a sudden Manning is first. On the basis of everything I’ve heard this weekend, it sounds like the Patriots and Tom Brady are furthest along at this point in time. It sounds like something definitely can get wrapped up here this summer."

Price also has highlights from King's interview on Dale & Holley from earlier this afternoon, where King gave his thoughts on Brady holding out, which he felt "would never happen."
"My gut feeling is that it was speculation but again, I don’t know," said King. "Who knows? Maybe somebody told him who’s was close to Brady, but I don’t know. I look at Brady’s history and I look at the kind of guy he’s been, I think it was after the second Super Bowl, that the genesis of the first time he redid his contract and I remember him telling me that as long as he could be assured that the Patriots were going to spend the cap and surround him with great players, that he wasn’t going to be a greedy pig and go and get every last time. I bet it’s the same way this time too, I don’t think he has to get every last dime."

Both are great interviews, so be sure and check them out.