Monday Patriots Headlines - July 12th

Ian Logue
July 12, 2010 at 09:02am ET

Top two is how they do in the NFL draft
Guregian: With eight draft picks, Bill Belichick has choice opportunity
At motocross event, Rob Gronkowski refuses to dish dirt on his football future
Justin Reid gaining renown
Rob Gronkowski continues to dodge questions about Patriots future

TRAINING CAMP COUNTDOWN: 17 days until Patriots training camp

A very quiet Monday morning, but here are today's New England Patriots headlines.

We'll kick off this morning with an article from the Boston Globe, who has another edition of "10 Questions", talking about who is going to start opposite Brandon Meriweather at the other safety position this season.  There was also an edition that ran late yesterday talking about how New England's defense will be able to generate a pass rush this year.

Michael Lombardi of has a blog entry and looks at a variety of questions surrounding teams heading into training camp, and he wonders if the Patriots really believe running back Laurence Maroney can have a breakout season? has an article on former Patriot Cam Cleeland, who has seen some improvement while undergoing a new treatment where they used nutrition and supplements to improve problem areas spotted in Cleeland's brain.

Jeff Howe has an article this morning on back up quarterback Brian Hoyer, who Howe says can handle more than your average Patriots back up QB.

For any fans who are worried about whether quarterback Tom Brady is working hard in these weeks leading up to training camp, he was seen throwing passes at UCLA on Friday.  Although he apparently did do some shopping with Gisele as well that day.

The guys at PatsCast released this week's Podcast, which includes an interview with me regarding  I was pretty nervous, so I don't expect a career in TV or Radio to be in my future.  When asked about how "I made this place what it is" I more or less realized that it had nothing to do with anything "I" had done, and it's definitely the people who read it and post that makes it what it is.  So thank you to those of you who are active participants there - you are definitely the ones who get the credit.


Peter King of has his Monday Morning quarterback and features Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, who also discussed their match-up with New England last year.

There's nothing like bad reality TV shows, and leave it to Ochocinco to have a new dating show - which aired over the weekend.  It's called "The Ultimate Catch" - and since I didn't see it I'm curious to know if anyone else did.  If you did, drop a comment below and let us know if it was at least entertaining.

Speaking of Ochocinco he got into a fight with a bouncer over the weekend, but apparently turned the other cheek, which lead to the bouncer being arrested instead.  He tweeted afterwards, "Aww man NYPD is so awesome," he wrote. "We are all headed to Starbucks after we drop the bouncer off at the police station for assault on me."

File this under "a topic that may interest only me", but there's a press release that ran this morning regarding a new partnership between Turner Sports and Sports Illustrated, who are apparently teaming up to improve their sports presence.  The press release says that they're going to "create one of the world's most exciting sports destinations on the web".   They also say that they'll be  "capitalizing on each company's core strengths to create an online sports powerhouse with new revenue and marketing opportunities for both portfolios".  We'll have to wait and see how this changes their current product.

Youth organizers apparently don't care that Michael Vick was restricted by his probation officers and couldn't leave the state, and are calling him "selfish" for not appearing at a recent charity event that he was scheduled to be at.  I'm not a fan of Vick's, but like me when you read the article you'll probably find that accusation unfounded.  After all, he missed his own golf tournament - so clearly he's not making it up.

We'll end on a blog post from the San Francisco Chronicle, which highlights a recent interview from Bo Jackson that appeared in the LA Times.  There are some interesting quotes from Jackson, and it's definitely a good read.

That's it for this morning.  Hope everyone has a good day and we'll have updates later on.