DL Coach Pepper Johnson Getting Interest?

Ian Logue
July 01, 2010 at 11:39am ET

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Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that Patriots DL coach Pepper Johnson says his phone has been ringing more and more recently.   Johnson, who heads into a season with Bill Belichick where the team is technically without an offensive or defensive coordinator, had some interesting comments in a recent Sirius radio interview regarding the fact he's starting to receive more and more interest for his services.
Yes, it is getting more and more every year,” Johnson, who will exist in a coordinator-less system with the Patriots this year, told Sirius. “You know me… I try to stay away from the sports talk shows, I try to stay away from the newspapers as much as possible because I get my hopes up and I start salivating at the mouth and then the phone is not ringing. But I’m prepared for whatever presents itself. I have to be in this world today. But over the last couple years, I’m getting more and more calls and text messages. ‘Are you coming to town?’ ‘Are you leaving us?’ I get it both ways.”

Johnson is in his 23rd season in the NFL, and in his 10th season as a member of Belichick's coaching staff.