Mankins: 'I don't need to be here any more'

Ian Logue
June 14, 2010 at 04:18pm ET

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The Logan Mankins contract negotiations have apparently taken a turn for the worse, and it appears the veteran guard's tenure with the Patriots could be coming to an end.

Mike Reiss of ESPN reported on Monday that Mankins will not be signing the 1st and 3rd round restricted free agent tender offer he received back in March, and expressed his desire to be traded from the team.

"At this point, I'm pretty frustrated, from everything that's happened and the way negotiations have gone," Mankins told Reiss. "I want to be traded. I don't need to be here any more."

According to Reiss Mankins and his agent Frank Baur discussed the possibility of an extension after the 2008 season, where they were reportedly told to wait until after the 2009 season due to the uncertain labor situation surrounding the league. Now a restricted free agent, Mankins feels that the team isn't being "true to their word", and as a result he's extremely disappointed.

"After the 2008 season, me and my agent approached the Patriots about an extension and I was told that Mr. Kraft did not want to do an extension because of the [uncertain collective bargaining agreement]," Mankins said. "I was asked to play '09 out, and that they would address contract after the uncapped year. I'm a team player, I took them at word, and I felt I played out an undervalued contract.

"That's the big thing," he continued. "Right now, this is about principle with me and keeping your word and how you treat people. This is what I thought the foundation of the Patriots was built on. Apparently, I was wrong. Growing up, I was taught a man's word is his bond. Obviously this isn't the case with the Patriots."

Mankins told Reiss that "there's no way" he's signing his tender offer, which means New England will likely exercise their right to reduce his 2010 salary 110% from $3.268 this season to $1.54 million - which they reportedly sent him a letter to inform him of last week.

Reiss also reports that Mankins will not be attending any of the upcoming minicamp sessions, nor will he be at training camp.