Saturday Morning Patriots News

Ian Logue
May 29, 2010 at 09:43am ET

In AFC, these 5 are making plans to take on Patriots
Long line of athletes have tried their hand(s) in the ring
Rob Gronkowski may soon have decision to grapple with
Devin McCourty has shoulder surgery
Five next Boston sports droughts to end

A shorter entry this morning, as the Boston media is buzzing following the Celtics win over Orlando last night that has them headed to the NBA Finals.  According to the Boston Herald, there were a couple of Patriots in attendence last night, with Eric Alexander and Kevin Faulk cheering on the home team.

With all the Celtics articles, there's not much going on this Saturday morning, but here are a few stories to check out:

NFL's Goodell commencement speaker at UMass-Lowell - AP

Intro Class - Boston Herald

Tom Curran posted late last night a blog entry discussing several NFL League related issues that were pretty interesting, including labor and some of the disciplinary issues that have gone on during the offseason.

One interesting topic from that was the fact that Goodell is allowing Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to begin working out with the team during the offseason, and he reportedly won't have to start serving his suspension until the season begins.
"Since the time we issued the suspension and asked him to go through the evaluation Ben's been working hard and cooperating fully with all of our medical experts and with the league program," said Goodell. "I spoke to him earlier and I think he's understanding his responsibilities as an NFL player. He can resume his activities but he still has work to do and he knows that."

Talking Patriots on NFL Live - Mike Reiss

Again, if you haven't downloaded the recent "Pats Cast" - it's a Patriots podcast that is definitely something you may want to check out.  Just search for "Pats Cast" on ITunes,  or check out this messageboard post for more information.

That's it for this morning.  Hope you all have a good weekend and we'll talk to you tomorrow.