Friday Night NFL Notes

Ian Logue
May 28, 2010 at 10:40pm ET

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Looking around online tonight, I came across a couple of articles worth noting - one of which caught my eye and I thought other Patriots fans may want to be aware of.

Before the Patriots faced the Jets last season in their first meeting at the Meadowlands, Rex Ryan was pretty vocal heading into that game. Fans likely remember that he actually even sent out a telephone message to every season ticket holder, asking them to be louder than they've ever been when New England had the football.

Not to mention the fact he called the game "their Super Bowl". Which was ridiculous - but "it is what it is."

Unfortunately we all know how that contest ended, and his obnoxious demeanor didn't change from that point on.  Despite declaring publicly his team was out of the playoffs late in the season - he somehow helped guide the Jets all the way to the AFC Championship game.

During this offseason they've been active in free agency, signing the likes of former Dolphin Jason Taylor among several others. Obviously fans here in New England have heard about their offseason moves, and how confident they claim to be heading into this season.

Apparently down in Miami so have the Dolphins - who aren't impressed.

"You still have to go out and play no matter who you have,'' Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith told the Miami Herald. "I'm not worried."

This nonsense comes on the heels of a comment from Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who made a comment on Thursday that turned the heads of everyone who heard it.

"You try to be the No. 1 defense -- ever," he told "Why not?"

While I can't disagree with that being their goal - I just find it amusing that they're taking on the persona of their coach, and not in a good way. Generally the idea of giving every opponent on your schedule bulletin-board material is frowned upon. Historically championship caliber football teams have a quiet confidence and let their actions on the field speak for themselves - while teams who talk too much find themselves at the wrong end of where they hoped to be when all is said and done.

Needless to say let's hope the Dolphins use this and help rack up a couple of division losses against New York.


We all know how difficult it is for a team to win back-to-back Super Bowl championships, and we're fortunate to have been able to witness the Patriots accomplish that feat from 2003-'04.

Now Saints quarterback Drew Brees is taking a look at each of the teams who won it all, and what they went through the following season when they were trying to do it all over again. Head coach Sean Payton made sure both Brees and the rest of the guys in the locker room were aware of the challenge they face as they look to repeat in 2010.

“Really, that topic was the first topic we brought up in the offseason program — history as it pertains to winning a championship, what are the challenges and trying to identify them,” Payton told the Daily Comet. “That’s the thing that gets your blood going a little bit and gets you excited about the upcoming year, is knowing that it’s been difficult. I think we have a smart enough locker room to understand the challenges."

Brees felt his head coach did exactly what he needed to do, and hoped that the other guys got the message.

“You have to,” Brees told the newspaper Thursday. “You’ve got to scare guys.”

We've seen similar tactics head coach Bill Belichick used after each of New England's three championship seasons. It was just interesting to read it from another perspective.

That's all for now. Have a good night and enjoy the rest of the Celtics game.