Pats to Work Out With Falcons

Ian Logue
May 21, 2010 at 03:44pm ET

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Albert Breer of the Boston Globe reported on Friday that Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff was on 92.9 FM in Atlanta as a co-host for the station's "Radio-Free Lunch", and reportedly invited Bill Belichick to call in for a segment.  According to Breer Belichick apparently prodded Dimitroff on who'd get to pick the music "when the team's scrimmaged" prior to the game.

Breer reports that the joint practices between the Falcons and Patriots are "in the works", and would be held in the days leading up to the preseason game at Atlanta's facility in Flowery Branch, Ga.  Although he did point out that nothing is final.

As he points out these scrimmages aren't that unusual.  The Cowboys and Broncos did it a couple years back (which was featured on HBO's Hard Knocks), the 49ers and Raiders do it fairly regularly as well.  The reason why he may be deciding to pursue it this season could be due to the large number of young players on the roster.  After all, having the chance to simulate game situations against someone other than their own teammates is certainly more beneficial as they look to learn the system, so it should be interesting to watch when it does occur.

UPDATE: Breer reports that the teams are "definitely doing it," and that it's a matter of getting the schedule finalized.  According to the report once the schedule's in place, it will be official.