Brady: Patriots Have to Listen More to Bill Belichick

Ian Logue
May 10, 2010 at 04:47pm ET

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An interesting article ran Monday on, featuring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who according to Peter King is in Foxboro today for the team's offseason program.

There has been plenty of discussion about the two time Super Bowl MVP's absence from Gillette Stadium, and how years ago he was an active member throughout the offseason workout program. However this time, Brady seems to be focused on being a champion both on and off the field. It seems that being a great parent is just as important as being a great player to the veteran QB, and that's been his focus up to this point.

"It's a balancing act,'' Brady told King. "I don't want the next 10 years to go by and to say I wasn't there for my sons. I wish I could be there [in Foxboro daily in the offseason] the way I was when I was 24, but life is different now. Things actually are much more simple than they've ever been. I used to spend every weekend running around with friends. Now I've got two great kids, and I love spending time with them. [Benjamin] is usually up at 6 in the morning, so that's when the day starts now.''

Brady went on to say that he'll be going back and forth throughout the offseason and will attend all the mandatory camps and as much of the offseason program as he can. Granted he knows it may have an effect on his relationship with his fellow players, but hopes they obviously understand that he's trying to maintain the necessary balance that being a father calls for.

"I'm not going to have the same relationship with the guys as if I was there every day,'' said Brady. "I hope they can understand. I've seen it handled different ways by a lot of guys on the team in the past, including some of the real leaders. I've seen Willie McGinest and Rodney Harrison when their family lives turned in different directions and they couldn't be in the offseason program every day. Ultimately, what it comes down to is this: We've all got to be ready to play.''

Speaking of which, an interesting quote by Brady summed up the team's struggles last season along with their early postseason exit against the Baltimore Ravens. He feels that the players need to start listening to the guy who helped lead them to three World Championships.

"We've got to start listening more to coach [Bill] Belichick. We've got young kids who are good players. We've got the best football coach of all time. He's got the answers. We as a team have to take the teaching and the coaching we're being given.''

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