Branch to Patriots For a 4th Round Pick?

Ian Logue
February 17, 2010 at 05:16pm ET

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John Clayton of ESPN appeared on a radio station in Seattle and discussed the topic of Deion Branch's current situation with the Seahawks, and talked about the Patriots as a possible destination for the veteran wide receiver if a trade came to fruition.

According to Clayton New England quarterback Tom Brady would reportedly like to see Branch back with the Patriots, and speculated that a 4th - 5th round pick from New England could be enough to strike a deal with Seattle.  The deal would also potentially allow the Seahawks to unload Branch's reported $5.47 million dollar contract, however one requirement by the Patriots would likely be for Branch to accept a lower salary, which Clayton felt he may be willing to do to play with Brady again.

Branch had the majority of his success while in this offense, including a Super Bowl MVP.  He's battled through injuries over the past few seasons, but while he may not be the type of player he once was, it would be interesting to see how productive he would be if reunited with Brady. 

Branch was originally traded to the Seahawks back on September 11, 2006.  In exchage for Branch the Patriots received a first round #24 pick in the '07 Draft, which was used on Brandon Meriweather.

Special thanks to PatsChamp88 from our forum for bringing this to our attention, which was also mentioned on WEEI on "The Big Show".