Rodney Harrison's Twitter Account is A Fake

Ian Logue
September 25, 2009 at 11:05am ET

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According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, apparently the whole Kerry Rhodes and Rodney Harrison incident last week was staged, and the former New England Patriots safety is actually not even on Twitter.

Schefter Tweeted a few minutes ago, "That whole Kerry Rhodes-Rodney Harrison feud last week? Made up. @Rodneyh37 is an impostor, a false account. Please delete from your files."

After obviously raising quite a few eyebrows with that report, he followed that up by saying, "To those asking me to confirm, here's the deal: Just got off the phone with NBC, which has spoken to Rodney Harrison, who is NOT on Twitter."

The imposter just posted a Tweet confirming this saying, "This account does not belong to Rodney Harrison but everything posted here was taken from interviews he made."

They then followed it up with, "Just to clear some things, i had this twitter account for a long time before i even posted, someone thought i was him and i went with it."

"Still wrong, of course."

No word yet if any legal action will be taken.

It comes as a surprise that this was not discovered prior to now, especially considering the national attention that Rhodes - Harrison report received last week. One would have thought we would have heard from Harrison by now, especially considering the statements made "more or less on his behalf".

The account made 78 updates, with many of them appearing legitimate enough to have been made by the former Patriot. As of 11:00am the account is still active, but one would have to expect it will be shut down later today.