Harrison Sounds off on Rhodes

Ian Logue
September 18, 2009 at 06:53pm ET

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Since his former teammates are focused on letting their play on the football do the talking, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison has decided to do his part to put the Jets' Kerry Rhodes in his place.

Just Tweeted by Harrison minutes ago:

"@kerryrhodes Kerry, you talk big for someone yet to even win in the playoffs.Think you will ever accomplish what i did?"

Rhodes, kicked this off earlier this week by saying he planned on making sure his team embarrasses the Patriots on Sunday.

UPDATE: Here's the full exchange as the two battled it out tonight on Twitter.

"Kerry Rhodes is not really a tough guy, i saw him pass on plenty of tackles... i want to see what kind of game he brings Sunday," tweeted Harrison.

Rhodes initially responded with this comment:

"I'm detecting a lil jealousy from @rodneyh37 he must wish he was playing 2morrow. My talent outweighs his ask belichick."

Which sparked Harrison to fire back and really go after him.

"@kerryrhodes Kerry, you talk big for someone who has yet to even win in the playoffs you think you will ever accomplish what i accomplished?" asked Harrison.

But he didn't stop there.

"@kerryrhodes I definitely respect your game on the field Kerry, but i didn't appropriate what you said about the Patriots its disrespectful"

@kerryrhodes The talk about Brady's knees and promising to hit him more than 6 times is what hit a nerve did you ever come back from...

"@kerryrhodes And even though i respect your game, you do have flaws and i have seen you pass on tackles and not always been physical."

Rhodes fired back with these three Tweets:

"@Rodneyh37 r u playing sunday? i respect ur game but u crossed line. and i never talk smack u started it. i kno u respect my game! Tweet it!"

"@Rodneyh37 and i told u i respect ur game and u have flaws 2 lol. and so does ed reed! thats a given."

"@Rodneyh37 u being someone who played the game knows the media runs it i said we are gonna try to embarrass them! lol u should respect that"