Five Ways The Jets Can Win

Ian Logue
September 18, 2009 at 11:14am ET

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Newsday offered up an interesting column this morning, outlining the five ways the Jets could beat the Patriots this Sunday when the two teams face off at the Meadowlands.

Their five points are:

1) Bring the Heat on Tom Brady

2) Let Mark Sanchez test the Patriots deep early in the game.

3) Run it. Then run it some more.

4) Make sure Randy Moss knows what Darrelle Revis’ breath smells like.

5) Don’t let Wes Welker and Kevin Faulk do damage underneath.

I won't get into debating these, because frankly their points are more or less stating the obvious. I'm all for Sanchez taking shots down the field and taking chances, I'll put my money on Bill Belichick vs. a rookie QB any day of the week winning that one. After last week we know the blitz will be coming for Brady, and I'm sure after looking at the film they've adjusted. I'm sure the Jets will attack New England's defensive line with the running game, and I'm sure whatever problems they had last week against Buffalo's ground game will be addressed. The Jets make it seem like they're facing a team that hasn't had to deal with personnel losses - and a coaching staff that doesn't know how to game plan around them - it's actually become tough to read and listen to.

With all this in mind, this match-up on Sunday has become even more intriguing. Frankly after listening to Rex Ryan foolishly continue to talk trash to the media, I'm definitely curious to see if his fixation with Belichick and the Patriots will end up being the reason they don't win the game. Often times people who are so filled with negativity toward something, they tend to make poor decisions and do things that ultimately cause them to fail. Ryan's failure to lead by example is already causing players on his team to say things they probably shouldn't - which is generally the difference between a team that is successful long-term - and one that isn't.

One thing to remember is that regardless of Sunday's outcome, the goal in this league is to obvioulsy get to the playoffs and ultimately win a title. Should the Jets be fortunate enough to come away with a victory (heaven forbid), I have my doubts that when it's all said and done, I don't think they'll be there in the end when it matters. Maybe beating the Patriots in a regular season game would be enough for Ryan to feel he's had a successful season. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen - because having to listen to him when it's over would be tough to take. However, I'm pretty sure when the season is coming down to the wire we'll see New England contending for a playoff spot - and the Jets likely sitting on the outside looking in.

I guess we can be thankful that Ryan running his mouth has turned into even more of a rivalry - should make Sunday's game even that much more interesting - and a win even more enjoyable.