A Very Candid Interview By QB Brady

Ian Logue
August 12, 2009 at 12:57am ET

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There are those moments where you may not want to tell people what you really think - especially if there's a possibility it's going to end up being printed. An interview by Tom Brady in Details magazine grabbed the attention of several media outlets Tuesday, and if you've ever wondered what goes through Brady's mind when head coach Bill Belichick calls him out during a practice or film session, here's an interesting quote from that interview that may answer that question.

"You'll practice on a Wednesday, and you'll come in Thursday morning and he'll have the film up there from practice," Brady said in the publication. "Sometimes, during practice, you throw a bad ball—that's the way it goes. But the video comes up and he says, 'Brady, you can't complete a g--damn hitch.' And I'll be sitting there thinking, I'm a f---ing nine-year veteran, I've won three g--damn Super Bowls—he can kiss my... That's what you're thinking on the inside. But on the outside I'm thinking, You know what? I'm glad he's saying that. I'm glad that's what he's expecting, you know? Because that's what I should be expecting. That's what his style is."

The veteran quarterback talks about being a dad, his sense of style, along with many other interesting subjects throughout the magazine's cover story. It's definitely worth reading - and is one of the most candid interviews I've read in a while by Brady.