Wilfork's New Site Promises Interactivity

Ian Logue
July 14, 2009 at 11:46pm ET

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I'm not sure if anyone has been there recently or not, but Vince Wilfork's official website has received quite an upgrade.

The Patriots defensive lineman has been quite active on Twitter, but his website includes a photo gallery, a blog, and several other features where he's been working on adding photos and "getting the hang of" posting and getting used to his new site. In an era where the athletes are moving closer and closer to interacting directly with fans, it's quite refreshing to see one of the more popular Patriots embracing this technology. Obviously with the growth of Twitter we're seeing more and more athletes and celebrities take advantage of that new media outlet. With his new site, Wilfork is taking it even further with his blog and his focus on interacting with his fans and promoting his foundation.

One interesting thing Wilfork pointed out is that he's encouraging fans to talk to him. In a post from July 1st he says, "I do answer my emails.... eventually". However Wilfork makes a good point where he tells fans that they need to try and remember that this is his own personal site, which both he and his family are a part of. So try and think before you post and remember who may be viewing it.

"Before you say something that you wouldn't want said about yourself just think about that," writes Wilfork. "Think about how great this technology is and how almost everyone has access to it including my children and my family. So if you wouldn't want your child to read something being said about you ..... remember I got kids too."

Hopefully they get the message. But for those who want to wish him well, be sure to stop by and drop him a note.