ESPN’s John Clayton released an article Tuesday afternoon and actually had New England listed as one of the teams that Michael Vick may end up with.

Clayton says, “If [Bill] Belichick is interested, he’d first have to convince his owner, Robert Kraft. That might be tough.”

Or more correctly I’d say highly unlikely.¬† Call me crazy but that would probably be greeted with, “are you serious?”¬†¬†Considering Belichick even opted to forego bringing in a veteran¬†after¬†Tom Brady went down last season,¬†I don’t view this as a possibility.

Update: Add Peter King to the list.¬† King just Tweeted, “Just got asked, ‘Who signs Vick?’ I said, ‘All I can do is guess. But I would guess 3 teams: Saints, Raiders, Pats.’ just a guess.”

Do they secretly know something we don’t?