ESPN's John Clayton Mentions Patriots as Possibility for Vick

Ian Logue
May 19, 2009 at 05:27pm ET

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ESPN's John Clayton released an article Tuesday afternoon and actually had New England listed as one of the teams that Michael Vick may end up with.

Clayton says, "If [Bill] Belichick is interested, he'd first have to convince his owner, Robert Kraft. That might be tough."

Or more correctly I'd say highly unlikely.  Call me crazy but that would probably be greeted with, "are you serious?"  Considering Belichick even opted to forego bringing in a veteran after Tom Brady went down last season, I don't view this as a possibility.

Update: Add Peter King to the list.  King just Tweeted, "Just got asked, 'Who signs Vick?' I said, 'All I can do is guess. But I would guess 3 teams: Saints, Raiders, Pats.' just a guess."

Do they secretly know something we don't?