NFL Intent on Lengthening Season?

Ian Logue
May 18, 2009 at 11:19pm ET

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It appears that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has every intention of increasing the NFL season from 16 to 18 games, and this argument seems to be gaining momentum.

In a post on Twitter that came through moments ago, NFL "PR Guy" Brian McCarthy is comparing this move to 1978 where back then everyone felt that 14 games was enough and had no desire to make it longer.  In the end the league went to 16 games.  Now it appears that the NFL is in favor of increasing the season yet again to 18 games.

After 30 years without a change it looks more and more like we could see this becoming more of a reality.  McCarthy also "Tweeted" that the NFL events staff is busily preparing Super Bowl 2013 bid presentations for NFL owners to vote on tomorrow, with  Arizona, New Orleans, and South Florida up for consideration. 

Most likely we'll see if the meetings this week also include providing enough evidence to NFL owners that lengthening the season is a good idea.  Considering the amount of injuries we've witnessed here in New England it's hard for any fan to feel good about this move.  Count me in as one who doesn't want to see any changes to the current format.  

Besides, shouldn't they work on first preventing a 9-7 team from getting into the postseason over an 11-5 team?  Otherwise all they may end up doing is making us witness a 10-8 team getting in over a 12-6 team.  That problem obviously won't go away and needs to be addressed before they decide to lengthen the season.