We’ve heard some interesting comments from Aqib Talib since he joined the Broncos out in Denver, including the fact that he didn’t seem happy with how his injuries were reported by the Patriots, but in a recent interview with Peter King he made some other comments that were eye-opening as well.

According to Talib, while the veteran cornerback reportedly had an offer on the table from New England, he claims there was language within the deal that he wasn’t comfortable with and that apparently played a part in his decision to sign with Denver.

“I definitely had an offer from the Patriots. But there was language in there that definitely was a little shaky compared to Denver’s offer,” Talib told King. “The Patriots are a great organization. I loved my time there. I loved playing for Bill. He’s a great leader. I’ll be able to tell my kids I played for Bill Belichick someday and I was Tom Brady’s teammate. Really, it’s just a dream I’m experiencing, when two great organizations want you like this.”

His recent comments are surprising given the fact that the Patriots were able to help him rebuild his image, which was quite tarnished in Tampa Bay before he came to New England.  Since signing in Denver he’s certainly spoken his mind, and it’s surprising that he would be anywhere near as open as he has been surrounding some of the recent topics that have come up.  After all, it’s hard to believe he would have gotten that deal in Denver had Bill Belichick not believed in him enough to give him that opportunity.

Either way, he’s gotten paid and now he’s able to speak his mind, even if it means biting the hand of the team that helped him get it.