Back when Darrelle Revis was with the New York Jets, everyone knows the type of rivalry that existed and was reignited even further between the Jets and Patriots when Rex Ryan took over as head coach.

These two teams really didn’t like eachother, and to a certain extent they still don’t.

Revis even went so far as using the word “jerk” back in 2012 during a word association game while on ESPN.

Now here he is just a couple of years later getting ready to embark on a new start as a member of the New England Patriots, and after having a chance to sit down and talk to his new coach, Revis says he’s putting all of that other stuff behind him.

In his mind it’s about winning football games and even having the chance to beat his old team twice a year wasn’t a motivating factor when he made the decision to come to New England.  Revis told the Daily News that being part of a winning organization is what really motivated him, and that’s why he made the decision to sign with the Patriots.

“No, that was was never a factor,” Revis said. “My thing is all about winning. I want to win. What better organization than the Patriots to be a part of. You look at their track record.”

Their track record is obviously one most teams should be pretty envious of. They haven’t had a losing season under Bill Belichick since 2000, finishing with ten or more wins every year since 2003.  Along the way they’ve won three Super Bowls, and now the plan is to hopefully win another one.  The addition of Revis should hopefully help them achieve that.

For now he’ll continue getting up to speed and reportedly reached out to quarterback Tom Brady on Monday, although no word yet about what their conversation consisted of.

Either way it’s a fresh start for the veteran cornerback.  As for the “jerk” comment, Revis said it’s been discussed, bit it’s over and now it’s time to get to work.

“Me and Bill, we had a conversation about it,” Revis told the newspaper. “And it’s in the past. We’re excited about working together and trying to win games, that’s the biggest goal here.”