No one wants to talk about it, but the years of the Patriots always being in the hunt for the Super Bowl probably have a limited amount of years left. It could be a few more or it could be five more. As long as Tom Brady is the quarterback, the Patriots will be in the mix. However, I think it is time to appreciate now the Brady years.

Regardless of what happens this Sunday or into the play-offs, we have witnessed an incredible run of football from the Patriots. Brady says he wants to play into his forties so we have an idea of how long the run could last.

If the Patriots never win another Super Bowl, or even make it to the big game again, this has been a monumental time not only in Patriots history, but also in professional sports. All dynasties do come to an end, and this one will as well. Yes, I am still calling it a dynasty because it represents an entire period of time that began in 2001 and still goes on.

The Patriots have won three Super Bowls, lost two of them, and made it to the AFC Championship Game twice. Just think about all that has been achieved since 2001 for just a minute.

We are fortunate to have seen this in our lifetime, and may never see a stretch like this from any other professional sports team in Boston.

I am honestly content with the Patriots never winning another Super Bowl ring. I have been lucky enough to experience seeing my team which I have followed for over 40 years win multiple championships.

Obviously I would like to see another Championship, but I can deal with it not happening. I think it is time to take a step back, and appreciate what we have witnessed and continue to see.

The Boston sports media in general is extremely negative, and I am not going to accept their view of the Patriots. My view is of a dynasty that will continue until Brady retires.