Saturday September 15th at 5PM EST began a very enjoyable night that I will never forget. My wife and I were invited to have V.I.P. seating for the Troy Brown Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony in front of the Hall at Patriots Place.  For two lifelong Patriots fans, this event meant so much as the evening went on. It brought home the reminder that our bond began with the Patriots.

We were seated about twenty rows back from the stage, and many family members of Troy Brown along with past teammates were seated in front of us. We could see Joe Andruzzi, Scott Zolak, and Deion Branch who was three rows right in front of us. The joy on our faces just to be there was obvious as we had a perfect view to see one of the best Patriots ever get inducted into the Hall Of Fame. This recognition was well deserved because he represents everything that the Patriots stand for.

We heard Jonathan Kraft talk about Troy, and also the owner of the Patriots Robert Kraft talked about number 80, and he shared his thoughts. One of the highlights of the night was Troy Brown talking about his time as a Patriots player, and also the love he has for his two boys.

However, the best part for us was when four of his ex-teammates were up on stage to tell stories about Troy. When you see Drew Bledsoe, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, and Kevin Faulk all together on stage sharing their thoughts on their ex-teammate, it was pure heaven for these two Patriots fans. We thought they could have kept going for two more hours.

Well, that would have been good enough for these two fans, but the evening would continue to get better. We were also invited to the V.I.P. reception after the ceremony which proved to be an incredibly special moment for us.

Many former Patriots greats were at this reception, and it was amazing to look at my right and see Drew Bledsoe, and then turn to my left and see Ty Law. Now, I did not get the chance to speak to any of these former Patriots players as they were all signing autographs and taking pictures. However, the lasting impression I have of this night was watching my wife take a picture with one of her favorite players of all time, and that is Deion Branch.

I have been a Patriots fan most of my life, but it means so much more that I can share these moments with my wife. We started our journey together over twelve year ago as Patriots fans, and Saturday Night we got a reminder of what the Patriots mean to both of us. The Patriots are in our blood and the Troy Brown Patriots Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony was a night of pure joy.