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Patriots Free Agency And The Team’s Needs On Latest Edition Of Patriots Fourth And Two

Monday Night was the latest episode of Patriots Fourth And Two. In this edition we looked forward to the building of the 2012 Patriots. We were joined late in the show by Christine Roy who is a new writer for

We turned the corner, and gave our thoughts on potential free agents in the NFL for the team to target, and also discussed the positions we feel the Patriots need to address. It certainly did get heated during this episode regarding one particular player I feel the Patriots should potentially sign. I hope you listen to the first show that gets into the Patriots off-season for the 2012 season.

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Patriots Fourth And Two Tonight At 7PM EST

Monday Night at 7PM EST will be another live episode of the internet radio show Patriots Fourth and Two. We will be joined at 7:45 PM EST by Christine Roy who is a new writer on

Co-hosting with me for this show will be Steve Balestrieri of Pats PubDamien Jarrett of 4th And Longand Derek Havens of Patriots Haven.

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Patriots Super Bowl Recap On Latest Edition Of Patriots Fourth And Two

Tuesday Night was the latest episode of Patriots Fourth And Two. In this edition we looked back at the Super Bowl loss for the Patriots. We were joined late in the show by Erik Frenz who is a featured columnist for the Bleacher Report.

We started this show back in September, and it has been a wonderful ride that included great discussions on the Patriots. I feel this is a real good 90 minute episode, where we talk about the game a little differently than you might have been listening on local radio the last few days. I hope you listen to the final episode of the season as this show is really about four fans discussing the team they support.

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Patriots Fourth And Two Tonight At 7PM EST

Tuesday Night at 7PM EST will be another live episode of the internet radio show Patriots Fourth and Two. We will be joined at 7:45 PM EST by Erik Frenz who is a featured columnist for the Bleacher Report.

Co-hosting with me for this show will be Steve Balestrieri of Pats PubDamien Jarrett of 4th And Longand Derek Havens of Patriots Haven.

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Patriots Pride In The Name Of Love

Last night I watched a hard fought Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Giants. Unfortunately, the Patriots came up short in their 21-17 loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl. When I woke up this morning I heard a classic song by U2 that put the Super Bowl in perspective for me.  All I feel right now for the Patriots is “Pride In The Name Of Love”.

I want to first give the proper credit in this Super Bowl as the Giants were better, and deserved the title. Eli Manning and his teammates made the plays when they needed to seal the victory.

I am hearing and reading all the “what if” scenarios that played out last night for the Patriots. I am not going to focus on those situations as it doesn’t change the result. Sometimes your team just gets beat, and that is what I witnessed on Sunday.

What I watched from the Patriots is a team that battled for four quarters, and gave it everything they had to get the victory. There was nothing left on the table for the Patriots.

I don’t feel the Patriots choked in the end of this game at all. There were some bad throws and drops, but that happens in every game. When you are in the Super Bowl, the mistakes are magnified because of the stage you are on.

I saw a defense that played really well, and in the fourth quarter made every effort to stop the Giants. Manning just made some incredible throws, and credit the Giants receivers for making clutch receptions.

As a fan of the New England Patriots, all I can ask for is that the team comes to play. On Super Bowl Sunday I watched a team that was well prepared, and did their job. Unfortunately, the other team made a few more plays, and that is the difference between winning and losing.

If you sit back for one second, and think about how the Patriots got to the Super Bowl, it is actually quite extraordinary, and should not be over-looked.  Please don’t forget the victories against the Broncos and the Ravens in the play-offs.  It is an accomplishment to get to Indy, and I am very proud of the 2011 New England Patriots.

I have heard for the past six months in the media how the Patriots defense was terrible, and that it would hurt them in the end. I think it is safe to say that the defense was much better than the reputation it received.  The Giants moved the ball last night, but the Patriots defense did not make it easy on Manning and his unit. New York earned every point they got from a defense that battled until the end.

On offense, the Patriots offensive line deserves a huge amount of credit for how they played. Justin Tuck did get 2 big sacks, but over the course of the game the line did their job.

Rob Gronkowski was definitely not at 100% and it showed, but he fought through the pain to give it his all along with his teammates. The receivers picked up the slack, and I feel were giving it everything they had to win this game. Aaron Hernandez had 8 receptions for 67 yards, while Wes Welker had 7 catches for 60 yards. There were players that dropped balls, but as I stated earlier, it is going to happen. It shouldn’t take away from the fact that these players gave an incredible effort.

This Patriots season was dedicated to Myra Kraft, and I feel the players, and coaching staff did her very proud on Sunday. The Patriots left it all on the field.

It certainly hurts to come so close to winning the title, but the journey to get there was seriously incredible. I feel all 53 players proved their critics wrong as they played together as a team to the bitter end. Patriots fans have much to feel proud about regardless of how the season ended. I am one fan that has Patriots Pride In The Name Of love.

My Five Keys To Victory For The Patriots Against The Giants In The Super Bowl

The Patriots are coming off of a dramatic victory two weeks ago against the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game.  On Sunday they will be facing the Giants in the Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here’s a preview with my five keys to the game that I hope will lead to a Patriots victory.

WHERE TO WATCH: The game will be shown live on WHDH Channel 7 at 6:20 PM EST. You can also listen to the game on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.

The Giants arrive to the Superbowl after an overtime victory in the NFC Championship Game against San Francisco. This game was a tough defensive battle, and ultimately New York prevailed.

The Giants are a huge challenge for the Patriots as they are pretty balanced on both sides of the ball. On offense, there is no question that quarterback Eli Manning has raised his game this season. He is playing at a high level, and also showed his toughness as he took the best shots from the San Francisco defense, and continued to put the Giants in great positions to succeed.

He has three quality receivers to throw to with Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham all having a solid season. The Patriots defense will have their work cut out for them in slowing down this trio.

In the running game, they have two solid running backs that the Patriots will have to deal with. Brandon Jacobs is your power back who is very tough to bring down. Ahmad Bradshaw is more elusive, and could be a threat to break longer runs.

On defense, the Giants have one of the best front four defensive lines in the NFL.  This foursome is led by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul who had 16.5 sacks this season. Along with Paul, the Patriots offensive line needs to be aware of Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and Chris Canty.

The weakness of this defense has to be in the secondary which is average at best. Corey Webster and Aaron Ross are average corners in the defensive backfield. The safety duo of Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle are at that same level, but could get exposed by the Patriots offense.

The Giants are playing great football right now and peaking at the right time. However, the Patriots are playing on the same level, and this has the making of a tremendous Super Bowl.

Here are my “five keys” which I believe could play a role in a potential victory for the Pats.

1. The Patriots have to be physical on all three levels of the defense. First, I believe the Patriots defensive line can really take advantage of the Giants offensive line. I think Vince Wilfork has the ability to do a number on Giants center David Baas. The line will be responsible for stopping the run, but also collapsing the pocket around Manning.

The linebackers have the ability to be real physical. I am hoping to see Brandon Spikes make an impact on run and passing blitzes. His play in this game could be very key to this unit. I think the Patriots also need to see Rob Ninkovich and Jerod Mayo be just as physical.

The secondary has been much maligned this season. However, this is there chance to be aggressive. I expect this unit to be flying around, and hitting – legally – the Giants receivers. Hopefully the Patriots will allow their corners at some point to play man coverage so they can hit the Giants receivers at the line of scrimmage.

2. Devin McCourty needs to raise his game on the biggest stage. McCourty has been a huge disappointment this season. He has been moved to safety in the last few games. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play corner in this game. He has a chance to redeem himself in the biggest game of the year. If he plays well in the Super Bowl, I think much will be forgotten about his poor regular season.

3. The offensive line needs to protect Tom Brady. This could be the biggest key in the game. It sounds so simple, but if the offensive line can prevent the defensive line of the Giants from getting to him and harassing him the way he was four years ago, Brady should be able to carve up the Giants secondary.

4. The Patriots should feature a good amount of  the “hurry up” offense in this game. If it was me, I would open up with this offense, and continue to use it when it is appropriate.

When the “hurry up” is used correctly, it sets the fast tempo to the game which I feel works in the Patriots favor. It will also tire out the pass rush of the Giants.  We have seen time and time again, that this style of offense really effects a defense over time. It could be a huge weapon in this game.

5. Deion Branch is my X-Factor in this game. Branch might not be the player he used to be, but he is still a very consistent receiver that has the trust of the quarterback. He could very well be in single coverage most of the game, so he could have several opportunities to make a difference.

His history is of a player that has stepped up in the biggest game of the season. In Super Bowl 38, he had 10 receptions, one touchdown and had 143 yards. In Super Bowl 39, he had 11 receptions with a total of 133 yards. He was also the MVP of that Super Bowl

With so much attention probably being put on the tight ends, and Wes Welker, this could be the game to see a huge performance by Branch who has done it before on the biggest stage.

In concluding, the Giants deserve to be in the Super Bowl, but I think they are being hyped a little too much on both sides of the ball. I actually feel that the Patriots on both sides of the ball will win their battles, and take over this game. It will be close in the first half, but I see the Patriots pulling away in the second half, and that is why I am predicting a 31-20 Patriots victory against the Giants.

What are your predictions? Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Patriots Super Bowl Preview Part Two On Latest Episode Of Patriots Fourth And Two

Thursday Night was the latest episode of Patriots Fourth And Two. We continued our preview of the upcoming Super Bowl for the Patriots as they face the Giants on Sunday.

In this episode we discussed this Super Bowl match-up from a perspective of four fans of the New England Patriots. Please do check it out and listen to our predictions at the very end of the show. I think you will enjoy this episode of Patriots Fourth And Two.

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Patriots Fourth And Two Super Bowl Preview Tonight At 6PM EST

Thursday Night at 6PM EST will be another live episode of the internet radio show Patriots Fourth and TwoWe will be continuing our preview of the Super Bowl.

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Are Some Giants Players Confident Or Cocky Going Into The Super Bowl?

As we head further into Super Bowl week, I am starting to listen and read some very interesting comments coming from some Giants players leading up to the big game. I have been asking myself this question. Are some Giants players confident or cocky going into the Super Bowl?

Typically from the Patriots you really don’t hear quotes that are bulletin board material, even though the New York media tried to create some controversy with some of Tom Brady’s comments from the Send Off Party. Here are Brady’s comments via the Washington Post.

“We’re going down there, and we’re going down there for one reason. We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

What I believe Brady is referring to about a party has to do with the Super Bowl party that the Patriots have right after the game that is for the team, family members and VIP’s. This party is scheduled win or lose as it was after Super Bowl 42 when the Patriots had their party even though they lost.

I believe all that Brady is talking about is that if they win obviously they will have more people at their Super Bowl party. I am sure after Super Bowl 42, they did not have a good turn out.

These comments were manipulated by some in the New York media to make it seem that Brady was planning a victory party. There were some interesting and I believe misleading headlines in the back of the New York Post and, the New York Daily News on Monday.

The New York media was trying to portray the Patriots quarterback as being over-confident, and already counting his fourth ring. I think they are dead wrong, and they could see a confident Brady on Sunday.


Mario Manningham has said he expects New York’s receivers to have a field day on Sunday against Julian Edelman. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

On the flip side you have comments from two Giants players that made me think about my question that is in the title of this story. Let’s start with Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham. He has commented a few times about Patriots player Julian Edelman who he might face on Sunday. Here are Manningham’s quotes below about Edelman courtesy of the Nashua Telegraph.

It’s not like that,” he said. “I respect him as a player.”

“He plays wide receiver,” Manningham said. “He’s not a real defensive back. Did he get drafted as a defensive back?

“We have a little bond going on (among Giants receivers) knowing that we can beat somebody. We’re confident. I hope he’s out there.”

Now, Manningham actually uses the word confident when describing how the wide receivers  of the Giants feel about seeing Edelman out on the field. However, hoping that Edelman is out there shows me arrogance and a disrespect for the opponent.

Let’s add those those thoughts to what has been said lately by Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle. According to the New York Daily News, he knows the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl. Here are Rolle’s comments courtesy of the Ralph Vacchiano article in the New York Daily News.

“We’re going to win this thing, said Rolle. We’re going to win this thing for a lot of good reasons.

I feel that is a guarantee even though later in the story he states that he is not guaranteeing a victory. Regardless, why come out and say you are going to win? A confident person let’s his actions do the talking. For me that is over-confidence that could come back to bite him in the Super Bowl.

I have a good feeling the Patriots players expect to win, but you don’t see them throwing that out there in the media. These comments are only two players, but if many on the Giants have this attitude, they could be in for a huge surprise on Sunday.

Also, these comments give Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick more ammunition to tell his players what the opposition thinks about the game. Trust me he will use it as a way to motivate his players. I have heard it before, and I expect Belichick to use these comments to his advantage.

I am wondering if some Giants players feel they have already won the game before it has been played. If they do, and are in a close game on Sunday, how will they react? Will they still have their confidence or is it cockiness, when the Championship is on the line?