I had the pleasure of going to the first session of Patriots training camp for the 2011 season. The most important thing I took out of being there today is simply football is back.

The players came out in shorts and jerseys. It seemed to be your basic walk-through, where you just get out there together, and run some of your plays. The practice started with simulated kick returns for special teams. Players such as Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman, and Taylor Price were involved in these kick-offs.

The practice then turned to the offense, and I got to see my first look of Tom Brady. He shared turns under center with Brian Hoyer and Jonathan Crompton. Again, this was just at a walking pace with Brady, and the other quarterbacks throwing the ball, or handing it off based on what play they were running.

This session wasn’t about seeing anything earth shattering. It was really about the experience of being there, rather than what you see. Today was all about the beginning of the 2011 season, and the Patriots are officially back.