Yesterday Tom Brady commented about how loud it is when they go on the road to play the Jets, which brought to the surface a subject that needed to get out in the mainstream media. The Gillette Stadium crowd is very quiet compared to other stadium and crowds in the NFL. Crowd noise definitely gives your team an advantage.

It is time to make noise at Gillette Stadium.

If fans were as loud as they were when I visited Invesco Field, the Patriots would have an instant advantage. (PHOTO:Icon/SMI)

The best example of crowd noise I can give is when I went to see the Patriots play the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field in the 2003 season. The crowd noise for that game was incredible. It added to the overall experience of the game, and it also hurt the offense for the Patriots as they had a hard time hearing Tom Brady. At some points during the game you could actually feel the vibrations of the noise around the stadium.

Now, like I mentioned I thought the Denver Broncos had an extra advantage in this game because of the crowd noise effecting the Pats offense. As a fan of football I loved the noise and the passion of the Broncos fans. They were into the game from the first kickoff to the last whistle.

Hands down this was the best Patriot game I had ever experienced. The Patriots won this game in dramatic fashion. But, what really made it memorable for me was the overall fan experience at Invesco Field. The fans stand up, make noise and let their presence be felt.

Let me start by saying I think Pats fans are the best in the league. We are into the game, and we want to make a difference. Part of the problem for the lack of noise at Gillette is the encouragement by the actions of other fans and Gillette Stadium officials.

I know I am not the only person who has experienced this at a Patriots home game. When the visiting team’s offense is near me I generally want to get up and make noise. On many occasions I am told to sit down by either other fans or by Gillette Stadium officials.

I am sorry, but you cannot make enough noise sitting down. I am a passionate fan with a loud voice. I would like to make a difference. I would love to see Peyton Manning get flustered by the crowd noise like Tom Brady did in Denver.

This lack of crowd noise is a real issue that I am glad is being brought out to the open. It is eight regular seasons games a year. Pats fans are the best in the league. They should be able to express themselves and make a difference.

Please feel free to comment about this issue and voice your opinion on the crowd noise at Gillette Stadium in the comment area below this post.