Some quick thoughts from last night’s game:

  • The quality of play was SLOPPY. I’ve seen preseason openers before, but this was borderline Pop Warner quality. No OTA’s and mini camps were very apparent last night.
  • The new kick off rule is making kickers look like Superman. However the rookie from UMass basically split the uprights. And WTF is up with guys taking it out from 8 yards deep?
  • Hoyer looked like very composed, comfortable and surprisingly has a great arm.
  • Reviewing every touchdown is going to be like watching paint dry. It is BAD for the game of football and takes a ton of the emotion out of a scoring play, knowing it is going to be reviewed and probably overturned. This rule will not make it to next season.
  • Seeing how fired up 3rd, 4th string, and spot players get after making a big play is a feel good moment all around. Seeing a guy wearing #3 waiting to receive a meaningless 4th quarter kickoff probably pissing his pants saying to himself  “Man this is where I gotta make my impression, my moment….” .
  • Dane Fletcher looked like a defensive captain out there. I loved him showing blitz, dropping into protection, shooting the gap and making tackles for a loss consistently.
  • Kyle Love missed a handful of tackles, but did show the ability to get through blockers and attack the ball carrier.
  • Aaron Hernandez won’t lose another ball the rest of the season.
  • Same goes for Danny Woodhead.
  • Julien Edelman worked his way down to the #5 WR last night and back up kick returner.
  • Did our Ridley get hazed, or is that his real haircut? Either way, he looked great running between the tackles, bouncing runs outside, and catching balls out of the backfield.
  • Seeing Kevin Faulk not just on the sidelines, but coaching younger players was a great thing to witness.
  • Ryan Mallett will pay much more attention to the play clock going forward. How many times in 2010 did Brady get a delay of game call? I can count at least three, painful to watch especially from a team like this.
  • Gary Guyton was a non factor.
  • Randy Cross doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.
  • Zolak had a six pack of Blue Moon before he got on the air last night.
  • Taylor Price did as much as he could last night to help his own cause. That comeback route and sprint down the sidelines was text book.
  • Nate Solder played amazing. I watched him specifically for about 10 straight plays, he man handled anyone who came his way.
  • What I said about Darius Butler in my last column remains true, he is as close to the hot seat as you can be after one preseason game. How on earth do you let 3rd and 4th string guys beat you on dig routes and deep slants?
  • We will see the starters for at least a quarter next week.
  • The Sam Adams guy is a definite stoner.
  • When the UNH and UMass coaches were getting interviewed, I wish someone slapped that wangsta kid in the background.

Remember everything we witness last night was from primarily backups and guys way down the depth chart against backups and guys deep down the opponents depth chart. That is all we have for comparison right now, but don’t put THAT much stock into it. Half the guys we saw last night, won’t be here come September.

Thank God football is back.

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