With the preseason about to get underway competition is going to be high with players fighting not just for starting jobs, but for roster spots as well. Here is my official 2011 Projected New England Patriots starting line-up.



RB: The Law Firm

WR: Wes Welker, Twitter Champion and Prius Advocate, Former SB MVP ‘preciate that boss’ Deion Branch (if they go 3 Wide)

TE: The Jacoby Elsbury of the Patriots ,  Aaron ’I faked Kyle Wilson out of his jock in the Jets Game so bad he is still looking for it’ Hernandez (if they go with a 2 TE Set)

C: Quietest Giant on the Field Dan Koppen

RT: Kick His Ass Sea-Bass Volmar

LT: Thankful to be here for 1 more year, maybe two Matt Light

RG: Special Teams Giant Dan Connolly

LG: Meanest Lineman in Football and resident farmer Logan Mankins


DL: Best Nosetackle in football Vince Wilfork

DL: Let’s hope the headaches gone Mike Wright

DL: Make sure you pay with cash and not credit card Albert Haynesworth

ILB: Camera phones and aderrol are no good Brandon Spikes

ILB: Gang tackle king Jerod Mayo

OLB: Resident Pandora autograph session king Gary Guyton

OLB: I’ve seen people come back from heart surgery quicker than a calf injury Jermaine Cunningham

CB: The Lions trash is the Patriots treasure Leign Bodden

CB: Taking reservations for McCourty Island Devin McCourty

SS: Good jams, and that was a champion play James Sanders

FS: So many cliche’s but I will go with Tigger, Bruce Springfield, and act like lil kids Brandon Meriweather

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