Patriot fans have a reason to be excited given the last 24 hours of free agency frenzy. The boys in Foxboro not only addressed the defensive side of the ball, but the offense as well. Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocino are both marquee names in their respective positions. Both of these guys come with concerns, baggage, and a very “non Patriot” reputation. The tweeting, bull riding, head stomping, quitting on plays, and nascar driving are all things typically frowned upon by the man in the hoodie.

The names alone are causing a massive swirl on my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds along with everyone else out there I’m sure. But that isn’t what excites me in this whole situation. What is impressive to me are the Patriots are doing something to address need. Typically their pompous, trust in Bill, last NFL dynasty mentality leaves fans scratching their heads and swearing at their monitor or tv set when we see whatever moves are made to “improve our football team”. The Patriots no doubt have been one of the most dominant teams in the league over the past decade, but they realize they need to improve and maintain the quality of players on the field and in the locker room to compete and stay atop the elite teams in the league.

Bill, Bob, and maybe even some of the veteran players came to a realization that we can’t remain a one dimensional team, on both sides of the ball. Dink, dunk, draw, quick slants, quick outs, and bubble screens can only get you so far. We need to stretch the field, don’t allow teams to put eight men in the box, and be less predictable on offense. On the defensive side, we need to get meaner, pressure the quarterback, get some mean ass mofos to clog the middle to allow Cunningham and the other LB’s to set the edge and rip the quarterback limb from limb. In theory, this is how it should all work. But knowing how the Patriots do their thing, this could be the complete opposite of their plan. But hey, at least they are doing something….. right?

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