Each year there seems to be one movie that comes out sports related that tends to be a big hit at the box office. Some of them are big flops while some of them become classics, staples in a team’s film watching before a big game, encyclopedias for motivational quotes, or just feel good high-five your friend kind of flicks. Coming across one of my all time favorites over the weekend, it prompted me to put together this article, to help ease the tension on the ruling coming up later this week on the lockout. Now this will probably create more controversy than most articles due to people’s likes and dislikes, but hey there is no football news to discuss right now, other than the moron coach from Ohio State stepping down.

Top 5 Football Films

1) Rudy – Out of all four major sports, this has to be the biggest feel good, follow your dreams, tear jerker movie for any sports fan. If you don’t get goose bumps when Devine throws him in the game, you have no soul.

2) Any Given Sunday – This movie was filled with stars, over dramatic hits, football, and hot chicks. Pacino’s locker room speech for the title has become the foundation for a certain beer’s radio commercial, and any movie with LL Cool J in the backfield is a good thing. The only thing that would make this better is if Pacino ran off with the hooker at the bar.

3) The Program – When a juiced up defensive end smashes his head through a windshield for cracking the starting lineup, you know the movie is going to be a good one. This was a great depiction of how college programs can be run, some of the adversity these guys have to face, and how James Caan can really play any role.

4) Little Giants – Polk High’s Al Bundy as the antagonist, a wannabe Ghostbuster as the protagonist, and a female linebacker who turned out to be an adult film star when she became of age and you have the makings of a great kids football movie.

5) Necessary Roughness/Varsity Blues – Kathy Ireland kicking and a whipped cream bikini, enough said.

Top 5 Basketball Films

1) The Pistol: The Pete Marovich Story

2) Hoosiers

3) Blue Chips.

4) Glory Road

5) Semi-Pro

Top 5 Baseball Films

1) Major League 2

2) Field of Dreams

3) Rookie of the Year

4) The Scout

5) For the Love of the Game

Top 5 Hockey Films

1) Mighty Ducks 2

2) Miracle: 1980 Olympic Story

3) Slap Shot

4) Mystery, Alaska

5) Mighty Ducks

Top 5 Golf Movies

1) Happy Gilmore

2) Legend of Bagger Vance

3) The Greatest Game Ever Played

4) Caddyshack

5) Tin Cup


Vision Quest, Rocky Series, The Fighter, The Wrestler, Invictus

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