Week 4 – Oakland Raiders:
After two out of three road games to start the 2011 campaign, the Patriots remain on the road and head to “The Crypt” for week four. Oakland is a tough place to play for anyone. “The Crypt” is the home to Al Davis’ Raiders, where the resemblance to that little goblin from ’Tales from the Crypt’ is uncanny. In my previous column, the five worst owners in the NFL were broken down, and “Just Win Baby” Al Davis was numero uno. Last year the Raiders put a respectable squad on the field, winning every division game in the AFC West. Then they go and fire their coach after going .500. Of course their best season in the last six or seven is the year the Patriots own their #1 Draft Pick. With the Raiders sure to draft the fastest guy in the combine on Thursday night, this is your cookie cutter trap game definition. Assuming the Patriots come off a blowout win in Buffalo and everyone is healthy, the Pats will come in at probably a -5 favorite. Jason Campbell I compare to a ham and cheese sandwich. He is what he is, and some days you will love him, while others you can’t look at him without vomiting. It is quarterbacks like these, the Patriots tend to let up 300 – 2TD – 1INT against. On the flipside of that, think Peyton Hillis circa 2010. Darren McFadden is a tough back between the numbers, and can pound the rock all day long. The young defense lead by Rolando McClain and veteran Richard Seymour could pose issues for Brady. Nnamdi most likely won’t be in black and silver next year, so that leaves a hole in the defensive backfield. I like the Raiders here, with things being the way they are right now. Mr. Davis could throw his voodoo in the stew during the draft and off season to bring ‘Da Raidizz’ back to 2-14 status again.

Week 5 – New York Jets:
I’m can guarantee a few things before this game even starts:

  • The Jets will be running their mouths as soon as their game in Baltimore ends on Monday Night
  • You won’t hear a peep out of the Patriots concerning anything outside of doing their job and the Jets being a tough team, and beat us up pretty good last year on our home field to send us golfing for the winter.
  • Both teams will have one loss coming into this game.

You can’t go against Tom Brady at home during the regular season. It just isn’t feasible. The Jets will be coming off a blood bath in Baltimore 6 days earlier and I’m sure Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs will have left images of the Ravens logo on Dirty Sanchez’s ribs. Speaking of images and Dirty Sanchez, what kinda idiot leaves an 18 year old girl alone in his room to take snapshots of the inside? Let’s also discuss why is he with 18 year olds anyways? No homo, but this guy is a good looking cat why was he with some upper eastside bushpig? While we are on the moron topic, let’s discuss Antonio Cromartie and how he is “his own union? Yo Antonio, spell union for us, name your children without having a brain cramp, and you won’t be in a Jets uniform next season. The Jets have gone to back to back AFC Title games, beaten our beloved Patriots, and people around here still love to hate them. Hate them all you want, but they have gone further than us in back to back seasons, and beaten us on our home turf. Until that changes, the three Super Bowl championships, 18-1 in 2007, that means absolutely zero. The Patriots win this game by 10 points, but it won’t be pretty. Brady will have a massive chip on his shoulder going into this, and we may see some sideline pointing if the trash talking is at an all time high.

Week 6 – Dallas Cowboys:
I got my first hate mail over the weekend from an irate Dallas fan, telling me I had no idea what I’m talking about, and that the Cowboys were going to come in here and tear apart our pathetic defense. Let’s back up for a second here. Here is a team that has gone through half a dozen coaches over the last 10 seasons and couldn’t stop a nosebleed on defense last season. Tony Romo will have happy feet the first half of the season until he takes a King Kong Bundy stomach splash on top of him and his AC joint splits like a strippers legs. The running back situation there is a disaster, as there hasn’t been a fall from grace at the RB position like Marion Barber that I can remember. This guy was at the top of people’s draft boards at one time, and now he is a 3rd down back at best. Miles Austin is a great WR, but they need someone to compliment him on the other side. He got Kardashianed as well last season. An old offensive line, a weak linebacker core, and a defense anchored on one guy in DeMarcus Ware, there needs to be a lot done to address the Cowboys needs this off season. I will give Jason Garrett credit, as he had this team playing their hearts out late in the year. Wade Phillips was an unsuccessful version of Rex Ryan. He was a tubby player’s coach who held nobody accountable, not even him when his team lost. Rex at least knew how to deflect criticism onto him from his player’s short comings. I respect that. Of all teams, I don’t see Dallas coming into New England and winning.

Great quote I heard this weekend. Someone was talking about Tom Brady not having the fire in his belly anymore and being more concerned with his family and sponsorships etc. I’m all for being a family man and putting them first, because at the end of the day, that is all you have. But this quote had me roaring laughing.

“Brady lost the fire in his belly? Any guy who climbs off the top of his supermodel wife and flies home from some island I can’t even describe and reports for offseason voluntary workouts just to avenge his losses last season, has plenty of fire in his belly.”

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