This time of the year there is so much speculation about what the Patriots are going to do come draft night. Will they trade up, trade down, or trade out of the first round? I think a good deal of us will be outraged if they trade out of the first round completely this year. There are glaring needs on both sides of the football. Offensive Guard, defensive end, an “Alvin Mack Rip Your Head Off” linebacker, an offensive tackle, and a WR who can throw that hand up when they are actually open 30 yards down field, a potential replacement for TB. Each of these is debatable and can be ranked in any order of importance. I do think the need for a killer instinct linebacker or defensive end is priority number one. How much is BB relying on Spikes and Cunningham to make that sophomore surge? Is Taylor Price that deep ball crutch for TB12? Is Dan Connelly the answer for Stephen Neal’s retirement? Will Logan Mankins ever get resigned? Do they resign Matt Light? With zero contact with the players allowed right now, this makes for a very tough day in the War Room for not just the Patriots but any team. How do you plan for this year and the future with so much uncertainty? We’ll get into that as the draft approaches next week.
Big win for the Bruins and Sox last night. Do the C’s shut it down in MSG tonight? I don’t see this game being as tight as games one and two were, that is for sure.


Side note: Jen Vining Baptista, whom is an avid Pats fan, sent this to me last night. Has Tom finally shed the lady locks? You decide…

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