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2011 First Round Mock Draft

Below is my 2011 Mock Draft for the 1st Round.

1. Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn – J-Russell Part Deux

2. Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama – Tighten up that hole filled run defense. 

3. Buffalo Bills – Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M – hopefully detaches Sanchez’s head from 18 year old diddling body

4. Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green, WR, Georgia – Who will throw to him? Mike Brown will find some way to screw this one up too.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert, QB – As Gruden said on his QB University program..“Hey Gabbert!”

6. Cleveland Browns – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama – Can Colt throw the deep ball? This guy is a vertical monster.

7. Houston Texans – Traded from SF – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – Houston wants this guy bad. This guy is a  freakish athlete and great at jamming receivers at the line.

8. Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn – Auburn’s defense was anchored by this beast last season.

9. Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith, OT, USC – Best tackle in the draft. He reminds scouts a lot of Jake Long.

10. Washington Redskins – Robert Quinn, OLB/DE, North Carolina – I could see Washington going QB here, but linebackers are a big need for Shanahan.

11. San Francisco 49ers – Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska – They overpaid for one CB recently, this guy is the real deal and could be starting over him within a year.

12. Minnesota Vikings – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson – Great spin and swim moves off the snap. Watch out Aaron Rodgers and Babyface Cutler if this guy comes to the NFC Central.

13. Detroit Lions – Anthony Costanzo, OT, BC – Any guy who gets mad at himself for getting beat twice out of 500 snaps is worth a first round pick in my book. Stand up guy, smart football player as well.

14. St. Louis Rams – Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois – With the deep talent at defensive line this draft, Liguet hasn’t been the first name mentioned out of many scouts names. I guarantee if this was last year, he’d be top two or three on the defensive line depth chart.

15. Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama – I can’t see him making the jump to the pro level right away. A bad wheel and average 40 times makes me hesitant. I wouldn’t waste a 1st rounder on him.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado – If he can live up to ½ of what the previous Jimmy Smith who played for the Jags did, he will be in a good place. Del Rio’s job depends on it.

17. New England Patriots – J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin – Please don’t trade this pick, please don’t trade this pick, please don’t trade this pick.

18. San Diego Chargers – Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal – Another stud in the Pac 10. Athletic, strong, the total package.

19. New York Giants – Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA – This guy is just what the Giants need on defense. That mean streak Antonio Pierce had at one time, is in this guys belly times 10. Watch out Mr. Vick.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Pouncey , C, Florida – A lot of people don’t see him dropping this low, but I do. I think his brother has made a big name for him, but wouldn’t be shocked if he went earlier. Someone needs to open holes for Blount and protect Josh Freeman in the long run. Who better than a Florida alum?

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Temple – Another defensive lineman with freakish athletic talent. Wilkerson may not be a name you’d like to draft, ask the Bengals that one, but was the best defensive player in the Atlantic 10 last year.

22. Indianapolis Colts – Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois – Joseph Addai is the Bob Sanders of the offense. He is a great talent when on the field, but that is when he is on the field. This speedster could be great catching passes out of the backfield, but picking up the blitz may be an issue.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Harris, CB, Miami – Ellis Hobbs as much as I despised him in New England may be retiring. Asante Samuel is on the back 9 of his career. Harris is a good fit for Andy Reid’s defense who had a tough time at points last year stopping the pass.

24. New Orleans Saints – Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue – Set this guy up next to Big Willy Style Smith and you have a scary 1-2 tandem on that defensive line. He is also athletic enough to line up at OLB as well.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Andy Dalton, QB, TCU – With the former BC star possibly leaving Seattle, now is the time to start looking to the future. Can anyone also get over the fact Marshawn Lynch caused an actual earthquake during their playoff game?

26. Baltimore Ravens – Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami – This guy can go get the ball, strong, good hands, and excellent route runner. Mason is getting old, T-Housh isn’t happy, and Boldin isn’t that vertical threat that Flacco needs.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame – Replacing the best tight end in NFL history won’t be easy.

28. New England Patriots – Trade for 2012 First Rounder – This surprise any of you?

29. Chicago Bears – Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin – His job will be to protect Jay Cutler’s backside.

30. New York Jets – Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia – Fits perfectly into Sexy Rexy’s system. He is the talkative type as well which makes him a perfect fit for the Jets.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State – Big Ben took some massive hits last season. The offensive line was filled with injuries as well. He is a perfect fit for the Steelers.

32. Green Bay Packers – Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor – He will be opening holes for Ryan Grant and whatever RB is drafted in the second round by the Packers.

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The Lockout, Draft Needs, and Matt Light Benefit

Walking into the Liberty Hotel  for Matt Light’s Lockout Breakfast I was thinking to myself, what really has changed with this lockout in the past 24 hours. There was an injunction granted and the lockout lifted, but how will players, coaches, and ownership react now. It is almost like a junior high school dance with all the guys on one side, the girls on the other, and everyone holds their breath to see who makes the first move.

According to sources, Patriots are going with the “wait and see” mentality while other teams are trying to organize workouts and telling players to report at 8:00 AM. This whole thing is one big mess but I did learn some things today I hadn’t known previously. Everything we hear about an 18 game schedule, rookie wage scale, expanded benefits for the retired players, all of those things are low hanging fruit and we aren’t too far apart with. The place where we are worlds apart, as NFLPA* Rep Pete Kendall said, is in the revenue sharing. Owners don’t want to open their books to prove the numbers they are reporting are truthful. Peter King, whom is a very down to earth guy, seems to think this will take time but they need to get back to talking and being honest, especially the owners. The players who are really freaking out over this are the free agents. They have no idea where they are going to go, where their families are going to have to move to, and essentially they are unemployed. They have an even bigger urgency in getting this done. A lot is going to come out of the next few days while the players prepare a response to the stay put forth by the owners.

Mike Reiss from ESPNBoston, shined some light on the Patriots draft needs with Peter King adding some insight as well. Free Agency is a great backup for drafts as teams typically stock up on players before the draft to have insurance in case of draft busts. You’ll remember the Patriots have done this over the past few years with players like Torey Holt, Joey Galloway, Shaun Springs, and Leigh Bodden. Some of these work out, and some of these turn out to be released while someone else from the draft steps up.

Having free agents on the offensive side of the ball right now, most of whom protect Tommy Terrific’s model loving frame, would allow us to make an assumption the Patriots will draft in that direction. The Patriots have three picks in the top 33, one of which I can almost guarantee they trade away for 2012 or 2013, as BB likes to stock up on those. Matt Light is a free agent, Dan Koeppen‘s contract is up after this year, and Logan Mankins is ….well who knows where Logan will be. If Pouncey is there, I say we grab him. Bill seems to feed into the Urban Meyer stamp of approval on his players, so he may be the first pick at 17 for us. Now if free agency comes into play before the draft, throw all of these things out the window and let the chaos ensue.

My Draft Needs Rankings Are:

1) Pass Rusher – DE or OLB
2) Guard to replace Neal and potentially Logan Mankins
3) Tackle
4) WR
5) QB

The Matt Light Foundation is a charity which helps “knucklehead” kids as he puts it stay out of trouble and do constructive things with their time and energy. A lot of Boston bigwigs in the legal world and teammates of Light’s showed up this morning for this great event. Logan Mankins, Vince Wilfork, Brian Hoyer, Russ Hochstein now of the Broncos, Dan Koeppen, Peter King from SI, and Mike Reiss from ESPN all were in attendance.

The Liberty Hotel was a great host, with great food, and all for a great cause. There were some fantastic auctions with Peter King driving up the prices on each item, rightfully so. There was an open panel for members of the audience to ask questions to anyone they wished.

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NFL Schedule Review Weeks 4-6

Week 4 – Oakland Raiders:
After two out of three road games to start the 2011 campaign, the Patriots remain on the road and head to “The Crypt” for week four. Oakland is a tough place to play for anyone. “The Crypt” is the home to Al Davis’ Raiders, where the resemblance to that little goblin from ’Tales from the Crypt’ is uncanny. In my previous column, the five worst owners in the NFL were broken down, and “Just Win Baby” Al Davis was numero uno. Last year the Raiders put a respectable squad on the field, winning every division game in the AFC West. Then they go and fire their coach after going .500. Of course their best season in the last six or seven is the year the Patriots own their #1 Draft Pick. With the Raiders sure to draft the fastest guy in the combine on Thursday night, this is your cookie cutter trap game definition. Assuming the Patriots come off a blowout win in Buffalo and everyone is healthy, the Pats will come in at probably a -5 favorite. Jason Campbell I compare to a ham and cheese sandwich. He is what he is, and some days you will love him, while others you can’t look at him without vomiting. It is quarterbacks like these, the Patriots tend to let up 300 – 2TD – 1INT against. On the flipside of that, think Peyton Hillis circa 2010. Darren McFadden is a tough back between the numbers, and can pound the rock all day long. The young defense lead by Rolando McClain and veteran Richard Seymour could pose issues for Brady. Nnamdi most likely won’t be in black and silver next year, so that leaves a hole in the defensive backfield. I like the Raiders here, with things being the way they are right now. Mr. Davis could throw his voodoo in the stew during the draft and off season to bring ‘Da Raidizz’ back to 2-14 status again.

Week 5 – New York Jets:
I’m can guarantee a few things before this game even starts:

  • The Jets will be running their mouths as soon as their game in Baltimore ends on Monday Night
  • You won’t hear a peep out of the Patriots concerning anything outside of doing their job and the Jets being a tough team, and beat us up pretty good last year on our home field to send us golfing for the winter.
  • Both teams will have one loss coming into this game.

You can’t go against Tom Brady at home during the regular season. It just isn’t feasible. The Jets will be coming off a blood bath in Baltimore 6 days earlier and I’m sure Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs will have left images of the Ravens logo on Dirty Sanchez’s ribs. Speaking of images and Dirty Sanchez, what kinda idiot leaves an 18 year old girl alone in his room to take snapshots of the inside? Let’s also discuss why is he with 18 year olds anyways? No homo, but this guy is a good looking cat why was he with some upper eastside bushpig? While we are on the moron topic, let’s discuss Antonio Cromartie and how he is “his own union? Yo Antonio, spell union for us, name your children without having a brain cramp, and you won’t be in a Jets uniform next season. The Jets have gone to back to back AFC Title games, beaten our beloved Patriots, and people around here still love to hate them. Hate them all you want, but they have gone further than us in back to back seasons, and beaten us on our home turf. Until that changes, the three Super Bowl championships, 18-1 in 2007, that means absolutely zero. The Patriots win this game by 10 points, but it won’t be pretty. Brady will have a massive chip on his shoulder going into this, and we may see some sideline pointing if the trash talking is at an all time high.

Week 6 – Dallas Cowboys:
I got my first hate mail over the weekend from an irate Dallas fan, telling me I had no idea what I’m talking about, and that the Cowboys were going to come in here and tear apart our pathetic defense. Let’s back up for a second here. Here is a team that has gone through half a dozen coaches over the last 10 seasons and couldn’t stop a nosebleed on defense last season. Tony Romo will have happy feet the first half of the season until he takes a King Kong Bundy stomach splash on top of him and his AC joint splits like a strippers legs. The running back situation there is a disaster, as there hasn’t been a fall from grace at the RB position like Marion Barber that I can remember. This guy was at the top of people’s draft boards at one time, and now he is a 3rd down back at best. Miles Austin is a great WR, but they need someone to compliment him on the other side. He got Kardashianed as well last season. An old offensive line, a weak linebacker core, and a defense anchored on one guy in DeMarcus Ware, there needs to be a lot done to address the Cowboys needs this off season. I will give Jason Garrett credit, as he had this team playing their hearts out late in the year. Wade Phillips was an unsuccessful version of Rex Ryan. He was a tubby player’s coach who held nobody accountable, not even him when his team lost. Rex at least knew how to deflect criticism onto him from his player’s short comings. I respect that. Of all teams, I don’t see Dallas coming into New England and winning.

Great quote I heard this weekend. Someone was talking about Tom Brady not having the fire in his belly anymore and being more concerned with his family and sponsorships etc. I’m all for being a family man and putting them first, because at the end of the day, that is all you have. But this quote had me roaring laughing.

“Brady lost the fire in his belly? Any guy who climbs off the top of his supermodel wife and flies home from some island I can’t even describe and reports for offseason voluntary workouts just to avenge his losses last season, has plenty of fire in his belly.”

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Few Draft Questions and Brady’s Hair

This time of the year there is so much speculation about what the Patriots are going to do come draft night. Will they trade up, trade down, or trade out of the first round? I think a good deal of us will be outraged if they trade out of the first round completely this year. There are glaring needs on both sides of the football. Offensive Guard, defensive end, an “Alvin Mack Rip Your Head Off” linebacker, an offensive tackle, and a WR who can throw that hand up when they are actually open 30 yards down field, a potential replacement for TB. Each of these is debatable and can be ranked in any order of importance. I do think the need for a killer instinct linebacker or defensive end is priority number one. How much is BB relying on Spikes and Cunningham to make that sophomore surge? Is Taylor Price that deep ball crutch for TB12? Is Dan Connelly the answer for Stephen Neal’s retirement? Will Logan Mankins ever get resigned? Do they resign Matt Light? With zero contact with the players allowed right now, this makes for a very tough day in the War Room for not just the Patriots but any team. How do you plan for this year and the future with so much uncertainty? We’ll get into that as the draft approaches next week.
Big win for the Bruins and Sox last night. Do the C’s shut it down in MSG tonight? I don’t see this game being as tight as games one and two were, that is for sure.


Side note: Jen Vining Baptista, whom is an avid Pats fan, sent this to me last night. Has Tom finally shed the lady locks? You decide…

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Five Worst Owners in the NFL

Here in New England we have been blessed with an amazing ownership group. It seems the Kraft Family knows how to separate the business from the game, while improving the team’s bottom line along the way. Never shy in front of the camera, he handles his interviews and media sessions with class, integrity, and doesn’t seem to dodge many questions. The same can’t be said about the individuals below, and that is why none of them will win a Super Bowl as long as they are involved. As an owner, your players need to want to play for you, want to get deals done when contracts are up, want to attend events unrelated to their pay, and be involved with the team outside of just on Sunday afternoons. We’ll start from number five and work our way to the number one worst owner in the NFL. A Pretty interesting side note, the Patriots play all five of these teams this year. What is even more interesting is we play four out of five of them on the road.

#5 – Dan Snyder – Washington Redskins
Mark Rypien and Art Monk are not walking through that door. Albert Haynesworth is though for the tune of $100 million clams. Donovan McNabb walked through the door, but only to be benched for Wrecks Grossman. Yes, that Rex Grossman! I have never been a McNabb fan. The fact he pukes all over himself in the clutch (outside of the Fred-Ex Catch) just doesn’t make him a loveable player for me. Being out of shape in the Super Bowl and dry heaving in the huddle still makes me laugh to this day. Snyder’s signings have been brutal, puzzling, and brainless to say the least. Clinton Portis, Haynesworth, McNabb, D’Angelo Hall, and still haven’t went after a #1 wide receiver. Santana Moss is streaky and has hamstrings weaker than my Nonni’s pasta on Sundays. It was a very unfortunate loss when Sean Taylor was gunned down a few years back, so that should be a fuel to go out there and compete in the NFC. Also the fact their stadium houses more fans than anyone in football should be motivation to put a marquee team on the field and draft properly. Someone go find their draft picks over the last 10 years, I’d be interested in seeing it. I am too lazy for that right now.

#4 – Alex Spanos – San Diego Chargers
Any owner who allows Norv Turner to blow that many games single handedly and not make a move on it needs to have their head examined. This is also the same guy who had the most conservative coach, outside of Herm Edwards back in the day, running his team in Marty Schottenheimer. Marty’s bonehead, pompous kid is running the Jets offense now and I’m sure they will have his head this year if Sanchise leads the league in INT’s again. Spanos is a guy who couldn’t/can’t put the right staff in place when he had three or four future HOF’s walking through those doors each and every week. Rodney Harrison came to New England to get it done. LT, as much as I hate him is the best running back of his generation, and Antonio Gates will be a future HOF tight end most likely a first ballot. Jessie Spanos as I refer to him seem to let his best pieces go, stay on the bench due to contract issues, or bring the wrong pieces in. Yes he let one of the best defensive coordinators in the game go run off to Carolina to take the head coaching job. I mean does he despise his staff so much he will let them go run a team with Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore as your QB options?

#3 – Pat Bowlen – Denver Broncos
It started with Elway, Shannon Sharpe, and Terrell Davis. Slowly those guys morphed into skeletons and the Broncos were left with Mike Shanahan, Jake the Snake Plummer, and Clinton Portis. They beat the Patriots in 2005 in the “Ben Watson Touchback Game”. For those of you who don’t remember that, Ben Watson tracked down future HOF cornerback Champ Bailey and knocked the ball through the end zone in a Steve Tasker/Leon Lett style play which should have been a touchback. After that game, the Broncos were never the same. Bowlen let Brandon Marshall go because he couldn’t keep his attitude in check. He fired Mike Shanahan, whom I thought was one of the best coaches of his generation until he benched McNabb for Sexy Rexy. They went and drafted Tim Tebow. I like Tim, he is a competitor, he loves the game, but that can only take you so far. Oh then they went and traded Jay “Sad Face” Cutler for Kyle Orton and a bucket of sand. Oh and let’s not forget Peyton “All Natural” Hillis. Now they bring John Elway in. I am not sure how good of a business man Elway is, nor does he strike me as the kind of guy who is going to mentor a young player. He already has quit on Tebow and is revealing his draft strategy a week before the draft. Mr.Bowlen, my advice to you, grab the bull by his nuts and start from the ground up. You are 10 years away from being a threat.

#2 – Jerry Jones – Dallas Cowboys
Any owner who has to be on the sidelines every god damn game has serious issues. Any guy who is over 60 and has his face stretched with surgery to look younger has even bigger issues. And finally, any owner who talks down his players and their job security during halftime needs serious help. Outside of our #1 loser owner, this guy irks me to no end. How anyone can support this fraud is beyond me. He built an amazing stadium down there in Dallas I will give credit where it is do. That does not win you football games. Tony Romo, will not win you big football games. Miles Austin got Kardashianed in 2010. The same happened to Reggie Bush, along with Lamar Odom, and whatever other athletes these trollops have been slumming with. Now is this any fault of Jerry’s, absolutely not. I fault Jerry with the way he manages his team, staff, and organization. His public comments are not about the team, they are about him and being in the public eye. Apparently his next of kin is starting to get involved there as well, but they say the Botox lover doesn’t fall far from the tree.

#1 – Al Davis – Oakland Raiders
“Speed, you need lightening fast, Speed!” I can hear that out of the Raiders War Room each draft, a strong resemblance to Mick from Rocky when he is making Rocky chase a chicken around an ally way. Al Davis is not only the laughing stock of the NFL fan base, but of his own fan base as well! Calling plays from the press box, drafting guys based on their 40 yard dash time, firing a coach after bring them back to playing .500 football, trading away your first round pick to the juggernaut of the conference, and just being an overall evil man are some of the reasons why Mr. Davis takes the award for worst owner in the league. I’d never wish death upon anyone, but I bet some of the Raider fans do and have. Al reminds me of either the dude from Saw on his death bed, Jigsaw was his name, or the little goblin from Tales from the Crypt. To top this all off, he entertained the thought of moving to LA. Didn’t they move from LA fifteen or so years ago? Dementia is setting in Raiders fans your wishes are coming true.

Stay tuned for an in depth breakdown of Weeks 4-6 of the Patriots schedule.

Happy Easter to All!


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NFL Schedule Review – Weeks 1-3

I was eighteen rows from the floor last night at the Celtics game, The Garden crowd was the loudest I’ve ever heard and the fans were out of their minds. La La Vasquez, Carmelo Anthony’s vixen, was dressed in all white and Spike Lee was acting like a toddler behind the Knicks bench. While KG’s pre tipoff fist pounding resembles an Ivan Drago short jab, I shout out to my brother Vinnie next to me, “We open Monday Night in Miami!” The NFL Schedule Release is one of the most exciting days of a football fans year. Outside of the draft, training camp opening, and opening weekend, it is in that class. The C’s started slow and Rondo made the Knicks look like little kids driving to the hole. I did wait until the first timeout to take a good look at the full schedule. A few things stood out at me right away.

  • We have three of our first four games on the road.
  • The Jets have back to back road games before heading here in Week 5
  • Dallas will be well rested before they come to Foxboro
  • Ending with two divisional games at home is a big plus

Picking apart each game and analyzing it right now would be like trying to figure out LOST in Season 3. It just isn’t practical and there really is no right or wrong answer. I’ll start out with three games at a time, as this pissing contest between the owners and players is really keeping us from talking about our typical football issues. The fact we might not play these games, the draft hasn’t happened yet, the free agency enigma, health concerns, and 3,232,840 other variables all come into account when dissecting the schedule. Saying that, I’ll give it a shot and bring you the introductory X’s and O’s breakdown and your 2011 NFL Schedule Overview.

Week 1 – Miami Dolphins

If there is one team that typically gives Tom Brady problems on the road, it is Miami. I’m not sure if it is the heat, the defensive scheme Tony Sparano runs (more on him in a moment), physical corners pressing his receivers at the line, or Jason Taylor chasing him down like a rabid dog for years. Chad Henne is not an elite QB. He reminds me of young, rough around the edges Phillip Rivers. He even looks like him a little bit. Yes he has the perfect build and mechanics to be a top flight QB, but for some reason, he didn’t fit into Dan Henning’s system. Once Miami brings on a new Offensive Coordinator, the jury can come to a conclusion on Henne. Fasano is a guy who can beat the Patriots up the seam as it seems every TE in football did last season. Fasano has the potential to be a top tier TE if used properly. He runs great routes, great hands, and has great RAC yards.. Gary Guyton was the fastest LB in the combine a few years back? It doesn’t seem it. I actually saw him at Pandora last year before the Vikings game and said watch the TE over the middle. The Wrangler Vagina (Favre) loves going to him as a safety blanket. Our TE’s are too big and quick for Captain Dreadlock and Cameron Wake to hang with, so those matchups favor New England. The question if we address a deep threat WR in the draft or free agency will depend on the WR match ups. Vonte Davis is one of the top 5 CB’s in the NFL, and if they can draft another CB in the 2nd round, Miami’s secondary could have one of the top 1-2 punches in the NFL. On paper this is a winnable game for the Patriots and will probably come in at a -4 favorite. I will bet any amount of money Patrick Chung is triple covered on every special teams play. And by the way, how does a guy who scores 2 TD’s on defense not win a Player of the Week award? Also an even bigger mystery is what off season routine was Tony Sparano on last season? He went from being John Madden’s size down to Joe Buck’s in a few short months. -

Week 2 – San Diego Chargers

If there are five players I’d like to punch in the faccia (that is Italian for face), it is Phillip Rivers. His attitude, his demeanor, and his ability to make excuses is second to none. But honestly, we don’t have to worry about him. Patriot fans we have a 12th man on the field on both offense and defense. That person is none other than, Norv Turner. How this fraud still has a job is beyond me! He has single handedly lost them AFC Championship games, playoff games at home (2 or 3 times), and God knows how many games during the regular season. As we know, the Chargers are very slow starters. They decide to start playing football in mid October, and claw their way back into the race. They let two marquee RB’s go over the last 5 years in LT and Michael Turner. They let one of the most physical, throw it up and go get it type WR’s sit without a contract until the last quarter of the season. Once he came back, he was back in 2009 form. I think he had 3 TD’s his first week back. The Chargers are the type of team who can either beat themselves, play lights out, or let Norv lose it for them. Norv lost it for them last year, they went lights out on us back in 2009 with Cassel behind center, so it is time for them to beat themselves. I do fear Antonio Gates (who played hurt all season), Vincent Jackson matching up on McCourty and burning “I wasn’t the shooter, Big Bang Clock” Brandon Merriweather on the go route. Also their pass defense was in the top 3 in the NFL last season, but the Chargers find a way to lose games and this one will be no different. Home opener for the Patriots, Brady has a week to get the rust off, and The Law Firm puts up 125 yards on the ground. -

Week 3 – Buffalo Bills

If I have one wish on draft day, it is that the Bills draft Jarmarcus Russell: The Sequel. This guy had a productive year in college and is the next Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, etc. For a team that couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t stop the pass, couldn’t win a close game, they go and address a QB position when clearly there are 2 to 3 other QB’s that could be drafted ahead of Cam Newton. Now he may go to Carolina but I pray he goes to Buffalo. Watching him being undressed by Jon Gruden’s eyes during his QB School session the other night was priceless. Gruden, though funny and probably my favorite personality in football, really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to QB’s. He was stroking Jimmy Clausen last season and look how that turned out. Buffalo has some great pieces in place already with Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson, the speedster flex back CJ Spiller, and a solid young LB core with veteran Shawn Merriman. I even like Fitzpatrick, as he won a couple games on his own and almost won a few others. I’m sure we all remember the “Why Did God do this to me Stevie Johnson drop against Pittsburgh”. The streak of wins in/against Buffalo won’t come to an end here. The Patriots have too much talent, too many intangibles, and far too much experience to lose an early division game to an inferior opponent, especially one with Dave Wannstedt leading the defense. Things are bad when you leave Pittsburgh (the University) and have to head to Buffalo. Let’s not forget Ryan Fitzpatrick put up close to 400 yards last season against this same team, but our draft needs being addressed will bring a heavy pass rush to a Harvard kid who can’t think his way out of Bill’s blitz schemes. -

Weeks 4 -6 will be on their way in the upcoming days.

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Brief Introduction

First off I’d like to give a big thanks to Ian for bringing me on board recently. This was always something I was interested in doing, and it just happened to come to fruition most recently. Unlike most blogs on team related websites, mine will be as unbiased as possible while breaking down any and all aspects of our home town crew. With the NFL Draft, the Labor Dispute, Schedule Release (which will be the focus of my first posting), and pressing off season positional issues there will be no shortage in content to talk about. I look forward to hearing all of your feedback and don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Enjoy Marathon Monday.


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