The Chiefs, well, aren’t that good. Even with Matt Cassel they aren’t scary. Now that Palko is in and Cassel is out, any hope of them competing is out of the question.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Chiefs have the 9th ranked running game featuring the Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster combo. Dwayne Bowe can burn defenses, but considering Tyle Palko is the quaterback throwing to him, no worries. On defense, they feature a overall better unit than the Patriots. Brandon Flowers is a great corner who can ball with the best of them.

For the Patriots, on offense they had a great 2rd half against the Jets last week. BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley should be able to run all over this Chief defense. Welker is always Welker and Ochocinco is finally getting involved. Hernandez and Gronk should provide a huge mismatch in the Patriots favor. On the defensive side, Andre Carter is on fire coming off of a great 4 sack game against the Jets. Mark Anderson is more involved and Mayo will make plays today.


Game Info:

  • Starts at 8:30 P.M.
  • At Gillette Stadium
  • On ESPN

Pats Injury and Inactive Report:

  • Patrick Chung
  • Devin McCourty
  • Brandon Spikes
  • Kevin Faulk
  • Dane Fletcher
  • Jeff Tarpinian
  • Ryan Mallett


  • How will the Pats defense play this week?
  • Will Andre Carter have a sack?
  • Does Andre Carter and Mark Anderson line up as ends?


  • Tom Brady has a great game
  • Palko from the Chiefs is intercepted twice
  • Patriots 34, Chiefs 7
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