The biggest piece of news today is the Albert Haynesworth, the $100 million dollar man, has been cut from the team. The move comes after the loss against the Giants, which we will get to later. According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, on three consecutive plays, Haynesworth was thrown to the ground with one arm and pancaked to the ground by a David Diehl. Also, during the game he and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson were seen in a heated argument.

The dude has talent, but no motor and drive. I would consider myself one of his biggest supporters, but enough is enough. Like Leigh Bodden (one of my favorite players) he was becoming locker room cancer and a cancer to the team. Good riddance to the man and good luck to Kyle Love, not that he’ll need it or anything.

But back to the Giants game. Simply put it, this was a game lost by the offense. Sure the defense let up the winning drive but how many times did the Patriot offense stall? We all know the defense struggles at times, but this is a Tom Brady lead offense. I’ve seen him do amazing things with the likes of Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell so there is no excuse that this offense with Wes Welker, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Stevan Ridley, Gronkowski, and Hernandez should be stalling.

So lets talk more on the offense. At the head of the problem is Bill O’Brian. First off, I’ve never liked that guy. His play calling is vannila and he doesn’t utilize players to the fullest potential in situations. During the game the Boston Globe sent out a tweet stating that “ Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien were having a pretty animated discussion on the Patriots’ bench”. Ridley was only ran 3 times, Woodhead 7, and Green-Ellis 12 times. On the Giants side, Brandon Jacobs ran 18 times for 72 yards. Brady passed 49 times only completing 28 of those. The ball simply needs to be ran more and the tight ends need to be involved more throughout the game, not just the fourth quarter.

The other problem on offense is the Tom Brady. Yes, Tom Brady is a problem right now. I don’t want to sound spoiled or anything, but at the end of the day he’s the one with the two interceptions and a 57.1% completion rate. Part of the problem lies with the line, which is playing horribly, but Brady is just not playing as well as he should. For instance, take the interception when he was trying to get it to Gronkowski. What was he thinking there? If I recall correctly, Rodney Harrison had a good point about Brady starring down receivers lately.

On Twitter, people were saying that it was like a ‘bizzaro’ world – the defense was playing well. Pressure was in Manning’s face and the Giants were 4 for 14 on 3rd downs (28%). I don’t know about you, but I love that stat. Brandon Spikes was playing lights out until his injury and players were tackling. I know Sergio Brown let the big pass happen, but he shouldn’t of been out there. Chung was hurt and so was Barret. I would chock that up to the game. Arrington, who had a good game until the last few plays, caused a major pass interference call, but with today’s rules, what can I say?

Special teams still sucks. Our field position was absolutely awful. The Patriots did bring in Tiquan Underwood today, so we’ll see….

All together, this game actually answered more questions than it created. We now know that the defense is capable, but is just one or two players short of being there (a safety would be nice) and that the offense needs major progress if we want to compete.


  • Brandon Spikes
    • Spikes was playing with passion and it showed. Unfortunately he suffered an injury during the game


  • Albert Haynesworth
    • See above….
  • Sergio Brown
    • Can’t cover and should be on the team
  • Julian Edelmen
    • Fumbled the ball and having off the field issues… Not good Julian, not good


  • Will Tom Brady be sacked more than two times?
    • He was sacked twice
  • Does Brandon Jacobs have a career resurgent day?
    • Not really a resurgent day, but he ran with fire in his eyes for 72 yards
  • How does the Patriots as a team respond to the loss last week?
    • With another loss…
  • Does Eli Manning light up the secondary?
    • He was 20 of 39 for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns


  • I like where the defense is going
  • Ochostinko should be the next cut
  • I’m jumping on the defense bandwagon if you can’t tell
  • And I’m jumping off of the offense bandwagon too
  • Is it still possible to get Romeo Crennel and Josh McDaniels back?
  • I like the Nate Solder pick more and more
  • Corner Jonathan Banks from Mississippi State should be a guy to watch when it comes draft time. He is shutting down top SEC receivers like Alshon Jeffery. He will be a still for who ever drafts him


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