Where do I start? The offensive line was horrible, the secondary tested our faith, special teams were certainly special, and the coaches were out coached. The only upside to this game is that it can’t get possibly worse.

My biggest issue with this game was the offense. First off, the line was horrible. I’ve never seen Logan Mankins and Sebastian Vollmer play as bad as that. Tom Brady had no time to wait for a play to develop. Secondly, the wide receivers where not getting any separation from the corners. The corners were all over them. Thirdly, the play calling was terrible. Why was Stevan Ridley not ran? I love Kevin Faulk, but why did he have more carries than Ridley and Green-Ellis combined (he had 6 carries while Green-Ellis had 5)?

With the constant 3 and outs, the defense could never get a break the entire game. The secondary was worse than chopped liver. Can someone call Asante Samuel and beg him to come back? The pressure was too sporadic. Its great that Andre Carter get two sacks, but Big Ben had all day. Oh, and the fact that 3rd downs are apparently first downs now is also a problem.

Don’t even get me started on special teams. Stephan Gostkowski missed a field goal and absolutely botched two onside kicks. Danny Woodhead seemed to dive for the 20 yard line everytime and in my current state I want to trade him and Gostkowski for a pair of competent people. Zoltan Mesko however looked great with booming punts.

The problem with this team is that fundamentals are missing and the scheme/players no longer works. Devin McCourty missed so many tackles he looked like Darius Butler. The offense missed too many blocks. 4-3 is not working, but nothing will work until we get a #1 corner like Asante Samuel or a legit, young pass rusher like Brian Orakpo.

All of the problems start off with the top. Belichick the general manager is failing Belichick the coach. We need a true defensive coordinator like Romeo Cornell or Rob Ryan (before last night’s Cowboys game). We no longer have the talent for Belichick to have all the roles. While we have drafted better the last 2 years, we cannot trade the high picks for a bunch of lesser guys. The offense has too many holes to hide lack of strong talent beyond Wilfork and Mayo on the defense.


  • Andre Carter
    • Carter had 2 sacks on the day and looked like the reason we got him. Unfortunately for him though the rest of the defense didn’t show up.


  • Patriots Offensive Line
    • I can’t begin to start. False starts, missed blocks, and no time happened too much
  • Patriots Offense
    • A 30% 3rd down efficiency… Come on!
  • Patriots Secondary and Linebackers
    • Slow, horrible, and could not cover was the story of the day
  • Patriot Coaching
    • There is no way Bodden looked as bad as Molden. The changes at halftime didn’t work and the Gronk TD was not challenged (I realize BB didn’t get a good view, but please…)
  • Patriots Special Teams
    • A missed field goal and 2 botched onside kicks


  • Does McCourty shutdown Mike Wallace?
    • Nope
  • Do the Patriots run all over the Steelers?
    • The Steelers turned the Patriots into roadkill
  • How does the cutting of Leigh Bodden effect the defense?
    • Molden, his replacement, looked like a chicken with his head cut off
  • Jerod Mayo and Sebastian Vollmer are back. Is their impact felt?
    • Vollmer’s impact was felt negatively
  • Chung, Ihedigbo, McCourty, Arrington, Molden, Adams, and Ventrone. Does Big Ben burn these guys?
    • Big Ben took them to the house and back again


  • I’ve never been so wrong in my life with my prediction
  • Heinz Field was booming the entire game
  • This was a wake up call
  • Why was Gronk a non-factor the first half?
  • Brady looked flustered all day
  • I really want the Pats to draft a WR and CB  without injury problems


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