Coming off of a hard fought win against the Jets, the Patriots play the Cowboys at home in a matchup that either results in a blowout or a nail biter. Will Devin McCourty and company be able to stop the talented but troubled Dez Bryant and Miles Austin? Does Jason Witten become a zero factor like Antonio Gates did in the San Diego game earlier this year?

I predict that this will be a battle of defenses and one the Patriots will win. Tony Romo is overrated and is protected by a young offensive line that can’t protect a rock much less a quarterback.

Game Info:

  • Played at Gillette Stadium
  • Starts on Sunday, Oct 16, 2011 at 4:15PM EDT
  • On Fox

Pats Injury Report:

  • Josh Barrett, thumb
  • Jerod Mayo, knee
There are a few injuries that will be determined at the start of the game..

Key Matchups:

  • Dez Bryant and Miles Austin vs Pats Secondary
    • I’m torn on how the secondary will play against these guys. They’re not better than Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burres who where shutdown last week, but they do have a better quarterback in Romo throwing to them. The secondary’s success will live and die with the pressure on Romo
  • Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware vs Pats OLine
    • Tom Brady was sacked four times and hit five times by a weak group of Jets lineman that don’t compare to DeMarcus Ware or Anthony Spencer. To say I’m worried is an understatement
  • Sean Lee vs Green-Ellis/Gronk
    • I’m not familier with who will cover Gronk or shadow Green-Ellis on the Cowboys, so I’ll just stick with Sean Lee with the worst task on the Cowboys. Gronk should be over his flu by now and Green-Ellis is playing like no tomorrow 
  • Phil Costa vs Vince Wilfork
    • Earlier this week Costa said that Wilfork is just a ‘speed bump’. Wilfork responded with ‘I’ll be there Sunday. He can tell me that then’. He will be there in full force


  • Did Phil Costa bring on the wrath of Vince Wilfork upon himself?
  • Will the Patriots be able to stop Jason Witten?
  • Does Dez Bryant torch the Patriots secondary?
  • Will Mark Anderson get another sack today?
  • Does the offensive line allow any sacks?


  • Tony Romo will come on strong first quarter but will be flustered in the second half
  • Deion Branch will show up
  • The Pats will bring the rush
  • Tony Romo gets sacked at least 2 times

Patriots 34, Cowboys 27

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