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Pats win but at huge loss’s Doug Kyed said it best with “a win that presented more questions than answers”. This win was a huge one for the newly balanced offense but left us with an injured Jerod Mayo and a defense that couldn’t stop my grandma.


  • Stevan Ridley
    • Ridley ran 97 yards and one touchdown. He provides the team with a spark and has a much higher ceiling than Law Firm. Initially I hated the Ridley pick, but this kid has turned me into a fan
  • Wes Welker
    • Welker had 158 yards and a touchdown. He is the team’s top target once again
  • Pat Chung
    • Chung made a crucial interception in the endzone with a cast on his hand
  • Bill O’Brian
    • A balanced play calling was key to winning this game and that’s just what Bill O’Brian did, so props to him


  • Shaun Ellis
    • Why are we paying this man money? Today he showed up for the wrong reason; missed tackles
  • Sergio Brown
    • Brown played the horrible angle game


  • Can the Patriots stop the Raider’s running game?
    • Darren McFadden was held to 75 yards, so yes, the Pats stopped the Raider’s running game
  • Will the Patriots run the ball efficiently?
    • I would of liked the Pats to run Ridley a little bit more, but overall, yes the Pats ran it efficiently
  • How many touches will Stevan Ridley get?
    • Ridley had 10 carries for 97 yards and one TD
  • Will Tom throw an interception?
    • To answer the question, nope, but for most of the day Tom looked great
  • Will the Patriots start out in a 3-4 or a 4-3?
    • It was a mix, but it seemed that the 4-3 was working


  • Even though we won, this game left a bad taste in my mouth
  • Jerod Mayo is going to be out 4 -6 weeks
  • I heard Seattle was shopping Aaron Curry for a 7th round pick. I would give a 6th round pick for him right now
  • I know this post game recap is a bit short, but I’m a bit burned out right now due to other things right now (cough  Android App for PatsFans  cough)

Favorite Tweets:
During the game I read hundreds of tweets and there are some good ones out there…

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Pre Game Post: Venturing into the Black Hole

The performance against the Bills showed that the Patriots where indeed mortal and that our offense had to score more points than our defense could allow (which reminds me of the Colts). With the Raiders there are two major obstacles: Darren McFadden and the Raider Mentality. We all know what McFadden can do to a defense when he’s healthy and right now the Raider Mentality is not something to mess with.

Game Info:

  • Played at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California
  • Starts at Sunday, October 2rd, 4:15 PM EST
  • On CBS

Pats Injury Report:

  • Leigh Bodden, groin
  • Ras-I Dowling, hip
  • Albert Haynesworth, back
  • Aaron Hernandez, MCL sprain
  • Sebastian Vollmer, back
  • Mike Wright, concussion

Key Matchups:

  • Denarius Moore vs Pats secondary
    • With Dowling and Bodden out, it leaves McCourty, Arrington, and Antwaun Molden to cover Oakland’s receiving threats highlighted by Moore
  • Richard Seymour vs Pats o-line
    • Seymour won’t say it, but this game is the game he has been waiting for since the trade
  • Darren McFadden vs Pats d-line
    • McFadden is the NFL’s leading rusher averaging 6.4 yards per carry with a total of 393 yards. Last Sunday against the Jets he had 171 yards, so its not just yards racked up against bad teams


  • Can the Patriots stop the Raider’s running game?
  • Will the Patriots run the ball efficiently?
  • How many touches will Stevan Ridley get?
  • Will Tom throw an interception?
  • Will the Patriots start out in a 3-4 or a 4-3?


  • The Raider’s will come out like a rocket 1st half, but drop 2rd half
  • Andre Carter will feast on Jason Campbell
  • McFadden will hit at least two 40+ yard plays
  • Tom Brady will not throw an interception
  • Ochocinco will still suck
  • Patriots 34, Raiders 28
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