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Post Game Recap: Patriots and Chargers

The Pats turned up the heat on the Chargers when they needed to and came up with the big win. The offense showed that the Miami game wasn’t a fluke and the defense came up with some big plays.


  • Tom Brady
    • Terrific Tom was terrific in a 423 yard game with 3 touchdowns and a QB rating of 135.7. There’s not much more I can say other than he was great
  • Vince Wilfork
    • Wilfork made an interception and provided constant pressure on the Chargers offensive line. James from NEPatriotsDraft said it perfectly – “Heck with Revis Island, give me Wilfork Peninsula”
  • Aaron Hernandez


  • Devin McCourty
    • He was getting burned by Vincent Jackson all day. Granted Jackson is an elite talent, but McCourty should be doing better. He was having trouble finding the ball and allowed some pretty big plays to Jackson


  • Can the Pats have an active pass rush?
    • Mark Anderson did get a sack… at the end of the game… Rivers did though have a man in his face all day long
  • How will McCourty react from the last game?
    • See above
  • Will Ochocinco show up big in this one?
    • Ocho had 2 big catches for 45 yards
  • How will the Pats defend Antonio Gates?
    • Gates was 0 for 1 and was covered all day
  • Will Chung have a big game?
    • When he went out with his injury, you could definitely see the impact he had, so yes he was a force


  • Deion Branch was great in the short time plays at the end of the second quarter
  • Chad Ochocinco’s two players where very good catches
  • We now need another punter (possibly) and more safeties
  • The defense looked like another bend no break defense today
  • I was almost dead on with the score prediction
  • “The Patriots lead the NFL in players where they just make it happen”

Injury Report:

  • Ras-I Dowling
  • Kyle Arrington
  • Pat Chung
  • Zoltan Mesko


  • A gif of Wilfork’s interception is available here
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Pats Pre Game Post: Bolting to a Win

Game Info:

  • Played at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro Mass
  • Starts at Sunday, September 19th, 4:15PM
  • On CBS

Pats Injury Report:

  • Dan Koppen, ankle
  • Mike Wright, concussion

Key Matchups:

  • Chargers Secondary vs Hernandez/Gronk
    • Hernandez and Gronk have the size advantage, but the Chargers are very physical
  • Pats CBs vs Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd
    • A group of big, physical wide receivers will show if Ras-I, Bodden, and McCourty can live up to their hype
  • Dan Connolly vs Antonio Garay
  • Antonio Gates vs Anyone
    • We had problems covering the Dolphin’s Anthony Fasano Monday night, so I wonder first off who covers him and then how they do it


  • Can the Pats have an active pass rush?
  • How will McCourty react from the last game?
  • Will Ochocinco show up big in this one?
  • How will the Pats defend Antonio Gates?
  • Will Chung have a big game?


  • Danny Woodhead has a field day
  • The score will not tell the story
  • Defense will be lacking
  • Patriots 34, Chargers 24
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