Studs of the Game:

  • Andre Carter
    • He was pushing over lineman and drawing holding calls all day. Right now he is looking like the best off season signing (granted, it’s still preseason and we haven’t seen some of the other signings play yet).
  • Danny Woodhead and BJGE
    • First off, the hit on Danny Woodhead was surreal and a scary moment. Now with that said, Woodhead had a great night with 63 yards and a couple of nice runs. Green-Ellis had 2 touchdowns and 51 yards on the day. He was hitting all the holes all at the right time.
  • Jerod Mayo
    • Mayo was all over the place and applying loads of pressure on Josh Freeman and Co. Tremendous is the word Russel Goldman used to describe Mayo.
  • Aaron Hernandez
    • Hernandez, well, was Hernandez and played well. What can I say? He’s going to have a heck of a season.

Duds of the Game:

  • There were not any players that stood out as duds to me…

Players Who Helped Themselves:

  • Kyle Love
  • Chad Ochocinco
    • His first touchdown as a Patriot can be seen here
  • Nate Solder
  • Will Yeatman
  • Stevan Ridley
  • Mathew Slater

Players Who Didn’t Help Themselves:

  • Jeremy Ross

Other Thoughts:

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