I must say that -besides our beloved Patriots, of course- my favorite player is Chad Ochocinco. The guy is crazy, he makes me laugh, he tries to speak Spanish and is a Chicharito Hernández’s fan. But this week he is the enemy, so I guess I’ll have to hate him for the next six days.

Well, I can’t hate him, but I can point he already started trashtalking against the Patriots, focusing on the young cornerbacks Darius Butler and Devin McCourty. Here is what he posted on his Twitter account.

@dmccourty32 hi, my name is Esteban ( S-tay-vannnn ) that’s the how to pronounce it, gonna talk shit to you in espanol during the game ok

@dariusbutler28 are you gonna have safety help the entire game?

Ok, I admit it, the tweet to Mccourty made me laugh. What can I say, the picture of Ochocinco saying “eeee… ¡puto!” (see: WC South Africa 2010) to McCourty is actually funny. Hey, at least Butler had a very good answer.

@OGOchoCinco lol. Thats gon b ya excuse when they ask u what happened week 1 against a 2nd yr guy n a rook?

@OGOchoCinco my bad i took so long. I was lookin thru this film to see the last time some put a safety over top of 85

The exchange between Ochocinco and Butler continued. It seems it will be a funny week for Ochocinco and his Twitter followers (including me), but we’ll se who laughs on Sunday.

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