Brady will obviously be a big key in today’s game. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

Week 3 is here and it brings a divisional rivalry to the forefront, and the Bills are starting off strong this season with a 2-0 record.

Offensively they have been able to put a couple impressive W’s on the board. Since Buffalo is big and physical, New England will have to play hard defensively in order to shut down Ryan Fitzpatrick and company to seal a 3-0 record.

Some interesting numbers for today:

Tom Brady dominant in the 1st quarter: He’s 17-of-18 in the first quarter, although Aaron Hernandez was his top target, accounting for five of those completions for 57 yards and a touchdown. With him sidelined for this afternoon, it should be interesting to see how they adjust.

They Start Fast: First down is where Brady has been the most effective this season, throwing for 465 yards and five touchdowns.

They Finish Strong: There was a lot of talk about how the Patriots didn’t come out strong in the second half in recent years, but that hasn’t been the case so far this season. Brady’s thrown for 451 yards in the first half, and he’s been even more effective with 489 in the second over two games, along with 3 total first half touchdowns and 4 total in the final two quarters.

Divisional games are some of my favorite to come by. I remember attending the Monday Night Football game between the two in 2009 where the winner was decided within the last two minutes of the fourth quarter when the Patriots defeated the Bills 25-24. I expect it to be a tough game, but I am looking forward to this week’s matchup in Buffalo and expect the Patriots keeping the reign as AFC East kings.

Cheers and GO PATS!!!


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