Pays to Stay? Ochocinco and New England Talk Contract *Update*

Derek Havens
February 29, 2012 at 06:00am ET

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Chad Ochocinco was asked by someone on Twitter with the username @thuslsam - “how’s the restructuring contact going?”

The receiver responded, “Restructuring is fine, the fun part is finding ways to make it back up during the offseason.”

It is not uncommon for Ochocinco to respond to fans, but this would seem to confirm that he is restructuring his contract and seems amenable to do so.


The Patriots may want Ochocinco to return next season, but it could cost him. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

The New England Patriots and Chad Ochocinco experiment did not go as planned in the 2011 NFL season. In fact, that may be quite the understatement. The veteran receiver had only 15 receptions, 276 yards and one touchdown in his first season as a Patriot.

Although will the charismatic wideout have to pay to stay in New England? According to a report by Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal, Ochocinco has been asked to restructure his contract.

My initial reaction is if New England wants to restructure Ochocinco's deal, maybe they want him to return next season. Many fans and analysts, myself included, doubted he would return for a second year with the Pats.

Either way, this is a move that has to be done from a Patriots perspective. Ochocinco's lack of production was disappointing and his contract needed to be reworked; a move Ochocinco might be hesitant to make. If he doesn’t, however, his days in New England could be numbered.

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