*Update* Patriots and Broncos Not Flexed to Sunday Night

Derek Havens
December 07, 2011 at 02:08pm ET

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A decision on the New England Patriots at the Denver Broncos game has been made and the game will not be flexed to Sunday Night football.

Over the past few days, CBS and NBC have been fighting over which will be able to air the Sunday Night Football week 15 match up. CBS won the network showdown, so the AFC contest will start at its regularly scheduled 4:15 p.m kickoff on Dec. 18.

The league extended their 13 day in advance deadline to make a ruling today. This is the statement released yesterday. -

"Due to NFL Committee Meetings in New York today, the Week 15 flexible schedule announcement will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, December 7). All of the clubs under consideration to have Week 15 games flexed have informed our office that they are interested in the strongest schedule for our fans and network partners."

How do you feel about the ruling? Do you wish the game was flexed in to the Sunday night slot or are you in favor of NFL's decision? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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