Twitter Proves to be a "Loaded Gun" Yet Again

Derek Havens
May 29, 2011 at 06:52am ET

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I was about to go to sleep late Saturday night when multiple “tweets” by Patriots defensive lineman Kyle Love caught my eye. Love is one of the many Pats players who has a Twitter account. I will not repeat any of the several explicit tweets but to see for yourself, here is his Twitter handle.

In this case, twitter proved to be a "loaded gun" for another athlete. Loaded gun, is of course a metaphor for being extremely dangerous. Love definitely made a mistake in not censoring himself and who knows what ramifications could be in store.

I am very disappointed in Love for these tweets. I find this extremely out of character and unusual for him to say the type of messages he used late Saturday. I would not be surprised to see the commonly used “Sorry, my account was hacked” garbage that many pro athletes and celebrities resort too.  Never the less, the fact that he even said these comments is concerning and outrageous.

Above and beyond the several tweets, he also talked to several fans about being a role model. After many fans expressed their frustration towards him, he went on to say how he was not a role model and was just a normal person.

"My dad was my role model, Malcolm x, Dr king, Obama, these are real role models, people who make a difference"

"Am I the only one who has some humor, and I ain't yo kids role model, you should be, they yo kids not mine! Just sayin"

In his defense, he did apologize to the kids on twitter and also exclaimed he was just joking around. In my opinion, however, that does not matter. There is no excuse for these kind of actions. Read what he had to say and let me know your thoughts. I am curious to see what Patriots Nation has to say about this incident.

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