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Twitter Proves to be a “Loaded Gun” Yet Again

I was about to go to sleep late Saturday night when multiple “tweets” by Patriots defensive lineman Kyle Love caught my eye. Love is one of the many Pats players who has a Twitter account. I will not repeat any of the several explicit tweets but to see for yourself, here is his Twitter handle.

In this case, twitter proved to be a “loaded gun” for another athlete. Loaded gun, is of course a metaphor for being extremely dangerous. Love definitely made a mistake in not censoring himself and who knows what ramifications could be in store.

I am very disappointed in Love for these tweets. I find this extremely out of character and unusual for him to say the type of messages he used late Saturday. I would not be surprised to see the commonly used “Sorry, my account was hacked” garbage that many pro athletes and celebrities resort too.  Never the less, the fact that he even said these comments is concerning and outrageous.

Above and beyond the several tweets, he also talked to several fans about being a role model. After many fans expressed their frustration towards him, he went on to say how he was not a role model and was just a normal person.

“My dad was my role model, Malcolm x, Dr king, Obama, these are real role models, people who make a difference”

“Am I the only one who has some humor, and I ain’t yo kids role model, you should be, they yo kids not mine! Just sayin”

In his defense, he did apologize to the kids on twitter and also exclaimed he was just joking around. In my opinion, however, that does not matter. There is no excuse for these kind of actions. Read what he had to say and let me know your thoughts. I am curious to see what Patriots Nation has to say about this incident.

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Devin McCourty Highlight Video

Pro Bowl Cornerback Devin McCourty had an incredible year. He registered 82 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 1 sack, and 7 interceptions in his rookie campaign. He also came in third at his position in All – Pro votes, only behind Darelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha.

As I was surfing the internet today, I came across an interesting video that I thought PatriotsNation would like to see. A highlight reel of Devin McCourty to hip – hop mogul Kanye West and Rihanna’s new single “All of the Lights”.

Patriots Announce New Member to Teams Hall of Fame

Every year the New England Patriots induct a new member to the teams Hall of Fame. This year, the team has selected QuarterBack Drew Bledsoe for the annual honor. Bledsoe, who played for the team from 1993, was the first overall pick and was the face of the team for over eight years.

Bledsoe becomes the 17th player and 18th member of the teams Hall of Fame. He joins legendary Patriots players such as John Hannah, Ben Coates, Steve Grogan, and Jim Nance.

Bledsoe received a phone call this morning my Patriots owner Robert Kraft to inform him he had been selected. The patriots Hall of Fame is voted on by the fans.

During his Patriots career, he broke the teams career passing records for attempts (4,518), completions (2,544) and yards (29,657). Bledsoe is also the only quarterback in NFL history with four seasons of at least 600 pass attempts; including three straight from 1994-96 with the Patriots.

Bledsoe was always a fan favorite and for me, I idolized him growing up. After a bitter end to the Bledsoe era in New England, this certainly is a great chapter to add to his time with the organization. Bledsoe will speak with the media at 4 p.m on his Hall of fame election.

Shane Vereen Highlight Video

I came across this video the other day and figured Patriots Nation would enjoy it as well. The newest Patriots running back shows off his skills in this Cal highlight video:

BenJarvus Green – Ellis Stops by ESPN First – Take

Patriots RunningBack, BenJarvus Green – Ellis, stopped by ESPN First – Take on Wednesday morning. In case you missed it, here it is –

Post – Draft Q & A with NE Patriots Draft’s James Christensen

After a long and entertaining NFL draft weekend, the NFL draft has finally concluded. After months of speculation, prospect evaluation, and rumor mill churning, many teams have added solid additions to their respective rosters. This draft has some Pats fans with many questions regarding these new prospects. To help decipher these questions, NE Patriots Draft’s James Christensen stops by to talk all things draft in this Q & A.


What are your overall thoughts on this years NFL Draft?


I was aware that the draft wasn’t nearly as deep as last year’s, but was shocked at how little perceived talent there was.  The Patriots and Raiders trade was especially telling.


What are your thoughts on the Patriots draft selections this past weekend?


We wrote up about a couple thousand words over on about each pick and trade, but overall we certainly gave the draft an A.  The Patriots upgraded many important positions, making their 53-man roster significantly better than last year’s – on paper anyways.


In your mind, what was the best and worst move the Patriots made during the draft?


I’d give the best move to drafting Ryan Mallett.  The move has been panned by many, asking if he can rush the passer.  However, we believe that Bill Belichick has extended the Patriots championship by another 10 years with the pick.


As for the worst move, we’re not going to say Stevan Ridley.  We thought it was a bit of a reach, but we like him as a player.  Malcolm Williams, however, was a true head-scratcher for us.  At best, he might unseat Matthew Slater as a special-teams guy.  It’s hard to rip on a 7th round draft pick, but we though that the Patriots could have taken a prospect with some more upside.


Marcus Cannon, the offensive lineman from TCU, was selected by the team in the fifth round. He has been diagnosed with non – Hodgkin’s lymphoma but is expected to make a full recovery in the next few months. What kind of value does he offer and how do you think he can contribute?


Even though Cannon is expected to be near 100% by the start of the season, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him stashed on PUP or even IR. When he is able to join the team though, we think he can be a dominant run-blocking right guard.


Shane Vereen was a player many thought the Patriots would target. Obviously, the rumors were true and the team seemed to like what they saw. How do you think he can contribute and do you see him taking over the starting role at any point?


I don’t think you’ll ever see Vereen, or any other Patriot running back for that matter, be a true “feature back” any time soon. We see him taking some of Green-Ellis’ role and some of Woodhead’s role, as he is really an all-around back.  When all is said and done, I think each of the four running backs will perform better with less wear and tear.



Nate Solder, was the top offensive lineman on my board in the pre – draft process. Where did he rank in your estimation and what are his strengths and weaknesses?


We had Solder as a guy that would be a Pro Bowler in year two, just like Tyron Smith.  Anthony Castonzo and a handful of others might have contributed more in year one, but Solder and Scarnecchia together will be special.


Is there a pick the Patriots made or did not make, that you feel was a mistake?


Like we mentioned before, we would have liked to see some more upside with pick #219 – perhaps grabbing a guy like Greg Romeus or Jeremy Beal. One other thing, even though we had Shane Vereen as our #1 RB for the Patriots before the draft, he will always be compared against Mark Ingram, due to the trade with New Orleans.

Outside linebacker was a position most analysts and fans thought the team would address. Were you surprised the team waited until the sixth round to do so and what are your thoughts on Markell Carter?


We weren’t sure that either of the top two guys (Quinn and Aldon Smith) would fall to the Patriots and everyone else out there had some warts. We though the Patriots would target some in the 3rd and 4th rounds, but Belichick obviously didn’t feel comfortable with guys like Sam Acho or KJ Wright.    Carter looks to be a legitimate speed rusher – excited to see what he can bring to the table.



Are there any un-drafted free agents that the Patriots could be targeting whenever the lockout is lifted?


Absolutely, even though we aren’t tracking where they are signing this year, we do have a list of our Top 100 UDFA’s.  Some of the guys that jump of the page at New England fans are Terrence Tolliver (WR, LSU), David Sims (S, Iowa State), Joe Lefged (DB, Rutgers) and Ryan Winterswyk (DE/OLB, Boise State).


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Patriots Draft Recap

2011 NFL Draft

  • Round 1, 17th overall — OT Nate Solder (Colorado)
  • Round 2, 33rd overall — CB Ras-I Dowling (Virginia)
  • Round 2, 56th overall — RB Shane Vereen (California)
  • Round 3, 73rd overall — RB Stevan Ridley (LSU)
  • Round 3, 74th overall — QB Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)
  • Round 5, 138th overall — OL Marcus Cannon (TCU)
  • Round 5, 159th overall — TE Lee Smith (Marshall)
  • Round 6, 194th overall — OLB/DE Markell Carter (Central Arkansas)
  • Round 7, 219th overall — CB/S/ST Malcolm Williams (TCU)


Grade: B

Top Needs Coming In: OLB – OL – DL – RB – WR – DB

Remaining Needs: OLB – DL – WR

Best Pick: Marcus Cannon – The team made a lot of great selections throughout draft weekend. The reason I selected Cannon as the best overall pick by the team was simple, value. Cannon was thought to be one of the best offensive lineman in the draft but slipped to the fifth round. Obviously, some teams were scared of his recent diagnosis of cancer in the form of non – hogkins lymphoma. However, there are numerous reports that he will be healthy by the seasons start and he could prove to be extremely valuable.

Worst Pick: Stevan Ridley – The reason I chose Ridley as the worst pick by the team, was not because of the player. Instead, because of the position he plays and the players the team passed on. The team had already selected Cal RB Shane Vereen and there were still holes to fill. Outside linebacker, defensive line, and wide receiver had still not been addressed. I do believe Ridley can play a role on this team and contribute positively but, you have to wonder if there were better options available.

Analysis: The team had solid draft by almost all accounts. They solidified the offensive line for the future with Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon. They added two young running backs to the aging committee and I believe Shane Vereen could be a huge asset for this team. They added a very talented quarterback prospect in Ryan Mallet and I am curious to see if they plan on grooming him for the future or plan on trading him to the highest bidder.

I only gave a “B” grade because this team did not truly address their biggest need at outside linebacker. Patriots nation will now turn their attention to Markell Carter, to see if he can solve their pass rushing woes. Overall, some great additions to the team, but further judgement must be made when these players step onto the field. And for that evaluation, only time will tell.


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